The top 10 arthritis mistakes [infographic]

Top 10 arthritis mistakes [infographic]Far too many people in this country suffer from arthritis. More than just pain, it has become our Nation’s most common cause for disability.

In U.S. medicine we call arthritis an idiopathic illness. (It has an unknown cause.) Some reports blame infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria and fungi for the condition. However, the cause of this inflammation lies with our very own lifestyles.

And making mistakes is OK when dealing with health and trying to recreate a better quality of life. But when you don’t realize you are making mistakes, serious problems occur that put success out of reach. This is a serious issue in the 10 most common mistakes people make when dealing with arthritis.

The articles listed below present some effective but suppressed non-pharmaceutical approaches to reducing arthritis, as well as the nutritional supplements most effective for arthritis.

Natural ways to vanquish arthritis

The pharmaceutical industry markets a dizzying number of drugs supposed to help with arthritis. But a few natural methods and natural supplements can support your efforts at possessing pain-free joints. Learn the best ways to vanquish this debilitating problem.

The food that erases arthritis

Joint pain can make your days and nights miserable. So take a tip from researchers at Duke University and eat the nutrient that reduces the arthritis, and weight, that makes them ache.

Take down arthritis with this superjuice

The annoying pain of arthritis can disrupt your life. But you can fight back with a superjuice that limits arthritic inflammation.

A natural “pain pill” for arthritis?

Your lifetime risk of osteoarthritis is a whopping 50%. And if you’re in pain, it’s very easy to reach for an over the counter painkiller. But an important vitamin that’s also a hormone and an immune booster might be a better choice.

Research says ancient pain remedy works best

Osteoarthritis is one of the painful conditions we face as we age. It is the most common form of arthritis and is marked by degeneration of the joints and surrounding tissues through years of wear and tear from too much or too strenuous physical movement.


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