Top 9 natural antibiotic foods and herbs

Natural antibiotic alternatives to build your immune system

Antibiotic alternatives have been around for millennia before penicillin was discovered.

Long before there were pharmaceutical antibiotics, there were foods and herbs that helped guard against infection and disease on a daily basis… and they worked. Many of these natural defenders are still in use today with holistic healers around the globe.

Instead of waiting until you get sick or find that drugs don’t work on whatever strain of virus or disease you have, you can start building up your immune system in advance (yes, right now).

These antibiotic alternative foods and herbs haven’t lost their ability to fight bacteria. Bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi do not become immune or resistant to them.

What worked then still works today.

These are known as “astringent” foods — they naturally cleanse your blood without harmful side effects or upsetting the delicate balance of good bacteria in your body. They’re inexpensive, completely natural, and widely available.

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

By Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

Qualified in medicine MB ChB in Manchester, United Kingdom, in 1970, Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby almost immediately began research into alternative medicine. Scott-Mumby made medico-legal history in 1986 when a UK Crown Court accepted his evidence that food allergy was capable of making a youth murderously violent. By 1990 the press was calling him “Britain’s Number One Allergy Detective.” His book “Diet Wise” is the summation of 30 years advanced clinical work. Dr. Scott-Mumby known as the “Alternative Doctor,” has published numerous books on anti-aging science, natural cancer alternatives, gut health, energy medicine, and many more alternative medicine treatments, resources, and healing protocols.