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Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Long COVID: More common and longer than we thought

More than a year later most of us are breathing a sigh of relief. Yes, we’re still cautious but we’ve turned the corner. But what if you were infected? There’s a good chance you could be dealing with long Covid. Because healthcare workers and researchers are finding it’s much more common and may last even longer than anyone thought.

Carolyn Gretton

What your inflammation clock reveals about your immune health and aging

Aging is due in part to varying rates of immune system decline that trigger chronic inflammation. People with healthy immune systems are able to fight off this inflammation to some extent, but those whose aren’t as strong will age faster and be more prone to frailty and disease. Since inflammation is treatable, all we’ve needed was a way to measure it.

Joyce Hollman

The real reason fibromyalgia increases pain sensitivity

Imagine being in pain all over your body, feeling crushingly tired and weak, and being so foggy-brained that you can hardly accomplish simple, everyday tasks. Now imagine years of being misdiagnosed or told “it’s all in your head.” That’s been life for people with fibromyalgia, until now…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How the common cold could protect against COVID-19 this fall

Health experts have warned that relaxed social distancing during the summer months may lead to new cases of COVID-19. But it also may lead to more common cold infections. Believe it or not, this year that couldd be a good thing, because researchers say it could halt replication of SARS-CoV-2.

Margaret Cantwell

How leaky gut leaves you vulnerable to a virus, like COVID-19

As you already know, COVID-19’s symptoms weren’t just upper respiratory. It’s been reported that many people with the virus experienced GI problems, too. It may seem random, but the connection with viral infection is much more concerning: A condition that can act as an open door to disease…

Carolyn Gretton

Sore throat? OTC cold remedies won’t help and may harm

Catching a cold is a drag and little is worse than a sore throat. Every swallow reminds us of the misery, which is why we turn to over-the-counter cold remedies to ease the discomfort. But not only have they been shown to do little good, they harm upper respiratory cells…


Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Why you should take fish oil with antibiotics

A growing number of germs are becoming harder to treat with antibiotics, like those that cause drug-resistant pneumococcal pneumonia, staph or even MRSA. But scientists say they may have the answer: the next time your doctor prescribes antibiotics, you should be supplementing omega-3s, too.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The foods that decreased frontline workers COVID risks by 73 percent

There’s more proof that food choices matter, and it comes from the front lines: Data from doctors and nurses with extensive exposure to SARS-CO-v2, found that depending on whether you choose high protein, low carbs, more plant foods or fish — risks from COVID-19 could be lowered as much as 73 percent.

Carolyn Gretton

Kidneys carried the second-highest COVID-19 viral load

It’s no secret that COVID-19 can do major damage to the lungs. But the virus can hurt other organs as well. In fact, a recent study appears to show that after the lungs, the kidneys are the next organ to bear the brunt of COVID-19 damage…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How weight can turn you into a COVID long-hauler

It’s no secret that underlying health problems increase the risk of a severe COVID-19 infection. Luckily, most of us are at lower risk than we were a year ago. Still, we’re not home-free, especially if weight is an issue. Now’s the time to get serious about it to avoid both the threat of infection and becoming a COVID long-hauler…

Carolyn Gretton

The hormone that may signal COVID-19 severity in men

Testosterone is a key hormone for regulating men’s health. Low levels have been linked with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It can also affect bone, muscle and energy levels. And in the age of COVID, men with low-T face another serious threat…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

How your gut affects how well vaccines work

There’s probably been no time in recent history that more people have been focused on vaccines. But, of course, vaccines are nothing new… the seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccines have been around for a while. What is new is finding that the key to how well they work is in your gut.