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Joyce Hollman

The two consistent warnings women get before heart attack

Many people still think that a heart attack strikes suddenly, or with very little warning. A Harvard Health survey tells us that, for women, the warning signs can come as much as a month in advance. And they’re anything but the classic signs most people look for…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

Why low thyroid is so often misdiagnosed as depression or menopause

From heart trouble to sleep apnea and Parkinson’s, doctors all too often fail to see the signs or flat-out misdiagnose women’s health. And they’re still doing it when it comes to thyroid problems, telling women the symptoms are in their heads or just one more problem of menopause. Here’s why…

Joyce Hollman

‘Menopause diet’ significantly reduces hot flashes and weight

The ‘M’ in menopause stands for miserable. Hot flashes at the most inopportune times during the day and relentless sleep robbers at night. If HRT isn’t for you, discover the diet that works as well and helped women drop an average of eight pounds…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Women’s biggest benefit from intermittent fasting: Lower cancer risk

For women, just getting older increases the risk of breast cancer. Being overweight takes it up a few notches. Those odds double down after 50 if you carry extra weight and the change steals your sleep. How can you upset the odds? Change when you eat…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The pill that increases blood clot risk 24x in obese women

For women, hormones can wreak havoc on the arteries, leading to dangerous, even life-threatening issues. And while some of these hormonal issues occur naturally, like during menopause, others not so much: like carrying extra weight and taking the wrong pills…

Carolyn Gretton

Poor gut health and the risk of aggressive breast cancer

Investigators have discovered interesting connections between breast cancer and the health of the body’s different microbiomes. In fact, the gut may be just as influential as the breast microbiome when it comes to the risk of aggressive breast cancer…


Margaret Cantwell

One pill per day helps women live longer

I think it’s safe to say there are three compelling reasons you’re interested in natural health… number one, you want to live longer. Number two, you want to live disease-free. And number three, you want to age well…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

This thyroid condition could raise dementia risk 80 percent

Your thyroid regulates many functions, including metabolism. That requires a steady flow of thyroid hormones circulating in your bloodstream. Too much, too little and you have problems, like weight gain and fatigue. But it looks like your thyroid has a broader impact than we ever thought…

Miguel Leyva

Why do women experience Parkinson’s differently than men?

Women may be less likely to get a Parkinson’s diagnosis than men, but over 400,000 women live with the condition. But are their numbers lower due to the fact it affects the genders differently or a mistaken perception that’s endangering women?

Joyce Hollman

Women live longer: Two antioxidants help them live better

Women tend to live longer than men, but usually spend their later years living with conditions that make life miserable. What if just two nutrients could lower those risks of age-related decline and make those golden years, well, golden?

Joyce Hollman

How the medical community is making human guinea pigs of women

Some of the biggest medical studies to date, responsible for medication and procedures, have been conducted without a single female subject. But is that holding the medical community back from using protocols designed for men on women? Not at all and not without consequence…

Carolyn Gretton

The menopause change that increases stroke and Alzheimer’s risk

Many changes come with menopause. And most of them we’re very familiar with. But one symptom has left experts wondering if it’s the result of out-of-whack hormones or if actual physical changes occur in the brain. Researchers recently explored this and what they discovered is concerning…