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Joyce Hollman

Probiotics: The new prevention strategy for colorectal cancer

Over the years, the benefits of probiotics have begun to stack up. And after significant advances in probiotic research, experts have a message for us: the gut microbiome cannot be neglected when treating or preventing colorectal cancer.

Joyce Hollman

Parkinson’s: The gut-brain link grows stronger

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease. Or is it? Research is showing that it may all begin with an immune system attack that likely starts in an organ far from the brain. That means a cure might be in our near future…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

The weird connection between constipation and blood pressure

Having constipation can be uncomfortable. But its effects on the body don’t just impact the gut. Constipatiion and hypertension are two conditions where the conditions and their treatments can team up to make matters much worse…

Jenny Smiechowski

4 common drugs that help bad bacteria thrive in your gut

Do you know what your medications are doing to your body? You may know the reason you take it, but you probably don’t know that plenty of drugs, including these commonly used medications, increase the amount of dangerous bacteria in your gut…

Joyce Hollman

The pre-symptomatic Alzheimer’s sign that starts in your gut

Slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s is all we have right now. But once cognitive decline is apparent, is it too late? Instead, the earliest sign may come from the gut. And the more we find out, the closer we are to heading off the mind-stealing disease…

Carolyn Gretton

The food additive triggering inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel diseases affect millions of people, and though the exact causes are not fully understood, here’s a clue that’s hard to ignore: the most commonly used artificial coloring in American grocery items has already been banned in most of Europe for reasons you should know.


Carolyn Gretton

IBD: The gut problem that increases stroke risk

The symptoms of IBD are bad enough: bloating, cramping, stomach pain, diarrhea, fatigue and weight loss. Worse, IBD can set off other problems, including raising the risk of blood clots. In turn, that means IBD carries a higher stroke risk to be on guard for…

Joyce Hollman

How leaky gut leads to weight gain

Digestive troubles are so common, we pay them little mind. But the condition that allows bacterial toxins to leak into the bloodstream causes bigger problems: A cycle of weight gain and the inability to lose weight, by changing how the body metabolizes fat.

Carolyn Gretton

Eating grapes leads to subtle gut changes for major benefits

More than 1,600 phytochemical compounds have been identified in grapes, all of which affect different processes in the body. So benefits from lowering cholesterol to protecting the brain are not surprising. Now we have a better understanding of how they work, starting in the gut…

Joyce Hollman

The gut problem that hardens your arteries

It’s no secret that a high-fat high-cholesterol diet is bad for the heart. But understanding why it’s worse for some people is another story. Until you understand the gut is a window to the body capable of turning the thermostat up on atherosclerosis…

Carolyn Gretton

Why broccoli is a gut-saving disease-fighting superfood

Broccoli is a superfood for many reasons, including protecting against diabetes and age-related ailments. But that’s not all. While further exploring broccoli’s health impacts, researchers discovered another molecule that closes the door on a frequent gateway to disease…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Gum: The answer to a common complication of heart surgery

If you have heart surgery coming up, the last thing you want is complications. If everything goes smoothly, you can get home and back to normal life faster. But before the hospital will discharge you they have some criteria you must meet. That’s where a stick of gum will come in handy.