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Joyce Hollman

The diet habit exercise can’t save your heart from

To avoid just about any ailment, you’ll find some research that shows how exercise can shut it down. When it comes to heart disease, it may just be the Holy Grail. But there are heart health risks associated with one diet habit that even exercise may not help…

Carolyn Gretton

The double danger moms face from ultra-processed foods

Ultra-processed foods bear little resemblance to their original form. They’re unhealthy, but what makes them dangerous are chemicals known as phthalates tied to problems ranging from the heart to hormones. They seep into the bloodstream, and in moms-to-be, don’t stop there…

Dr. Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC

Why winter raises cholesterol levels

Heart health is always in season. But during the winter season, there are a few reasons to pay it special attention. According to experts, just like the snow, some health-related factors can pile up to increase cardiovascular risks…

Margaret Cantwell

What you should know about lead levels and high blood pressure

Exposure to heavy metals comes in many forms. But when it comes to threats we can’t see or put a finger on, it’s easy to put them out of mind. We can’t do that with lead, even at low levels, since researchers have seen how strongly it impacts blood pressure…

Joyce Hollman

The sleep habit that calcifies your arteries

According to sleep experts, some of our sleep preferences or habits are hard-wired into our genes. That’s why they can be hard to change. But knowing that one sleep habit in particular can harden your arteries is something to pay close attention to…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The truth about coffee’s effects on heart rhythm

If caffeinated coffee gives your brain a jolt to get you started each morning, might it also give your heart a jolt that causes rhythm problems, like atrial fibrillation? That’s been the subject of debate among doctors and concern for coffee lovers. But has it all been just speculation? After following more than 300,000 coffee lovers for 4 years, we have an answer…


Margaret Cantwell

The vitamin that fights a common contributor of unhealthy aging

Longer lifespans have researchers scrambling for answers on how to keep an aging population healthier. One vitamin has emerged that many experts agree may be useful for several chronic conditions featuring a common denominator afflicting North Americans as we age…

Joyce Hollman

How cold would you go to burn fat and cut diabetes risk?

There’s a large body of literature claiming that cold water immersion can do all sorts of things: end chronic pain, reduce symptoms of depression, boost the immune system, prevent diabetes and help you lose weight. Some of those have recently been shown to be true…

Joyce Hollman

The diet that improved heart health in just 8 weeks

Lots of studies say that restricting certain foods is heart-protective. But sometimes studies can be contradictory. But researchers really put the impact of food to the test using twins and say this diet can turn heart health around in just six weeks…

Carolyn Gretton

The nut that slays pesky pounds, diabetes and high cholesterol

Losing weight, like so many things, gets harder with age, while packing the pounds on seems to get only easier. Lucky for us, one of our favorite nuts may be the answer. New research says it’s powerful enough to be designated a superfood…

Joyce Hollman

The bedtime activity for better blood flow and heart health

It’s a big job for the heart to keep your circulatory system working. And as we get older it can get harder to support the healthy blood flow every inch of our body needs. But there’s a way to pump that up so to speak, even when you hit the sheets…

Joyce Hollman

When heart disease can spell dementia later in life

Most of us think that heart disease is a condition of old age. It happens to people in their 60s and 70s. But this is a fallacy. It can strike much earlier than most of us realize. And the earlier it does, the higher the risk of dementia down the road…