Top benefits of probiotics [infographic]

9 big benefits of probiotics [infographic]Good bacteria, aka probiotics, play a critical role in supporting and maintaining a healthy immune system. If you disrupt the balance between the beneficial and harmful gut bacteria — which makes up about 80 percent of your immune system — then you place your physical, emotional, and mental health in jeopardy.

That’s because there’s something called the brain-gut axis, which is a bidirectional communication highway between the cognitive and emotional areas of the brain and your intestinal functions.

Therefore, if your gut bacteria is out of synch, it not only can cause all types of physical problems—ranging from infections to headache, autoimmune disorders, and nutritional deficiencies, for example — it also can affect your mood and ability to think and reason.

You want to ingest a variety of probiotics because different strains provide different health benefits.

Take probiotics and this may happen to your brain

Probiotics may be the perfect pill to melt fat, fight disease and keep a body young. They heal gastrointestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. But their benefits extend far beyond your gut…

The one organ to fight all disease

Probiotics — supplements containing helpful gut bacteria, and prebiotics — nondigestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics, have been the subject of much research in terms of making your gut as healthy as can possibly be. So why all this focus on your gut?

Need a chill pill? Take a probiotic

The holidays can be stressful. They are also hard on your stomach too. Solve both of these problems with one fell swoop with a powerful pill that protects your brain, melts fat, fights disease and keeps your body young.

Perfect pill melts fat, fights disease and keeps your body young

There’s an all-natural pill scientifically-proven to help you lose weight. Sure, diet and exercise can help you sculpt your body. But even if you do nothing but take this pill every day, you’ll still drop pounds and end up with a healthier body weight and body mass index.

The silver bullet solution to your daily toxin exposure

Chronic, long-term heavy metal exposure can destroy your health, putting you at greater risk for life-threatening diseases like MS, ALS, Parkinson’s and cancer. The worst part is that it’s a hidden epidemic. But you can get silver bullet protection…

The daily deed that keeps you from deteriorating

A daily probiotic may help you prevent the bone loss that affects all of us as our bodies begin to produce less of the sex hormones — testosterone and estrogen — due to menopause. And that’s of vital importance.

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