4 health conditions keto could help conquer

Keto benefits for acne

2. Skin Problems

Acne can be a plague for so many of us way beyond the teen years. I still get acne in middle age! Could the keto diet be the answer? A diet that not only helps us lose weight but clears up breakouts? Possibly. Going off simple carbs — the refined kind that causes inflammation — could help. Meanwhile, eating more good fat (omega-3s) could help dry skin, while not eating omega-6 fats could potentially help acne.

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Gena Hymowech

By Gena Hymowech

Gena Hymowech has over two decades of experience writing for health, entertainment and lifestyle publications, including Yahoo Beauty, Men's Journal and Self. She has covered medical conditions ranging from acne to lupus, and has also worked as an online communications assistant to nutritionist, diabetes educator, mindfulness expert and health author Laura Cipullo. Gena has researched natural options for her own health issues, and enjoys sharing her passion for the subject with others.