4 health conditions keto could help conquer

Keto benefits for epilepsy

1. Epilepsy

As of 2015, epilepsy was reported to affect 3 million adults in the US and 470,000 kids, according to the CDC. Keto has a long history of helping with seizures for about a century. For those who might be considering it or suggesting it to your kids or grandkids, science has shown that seizures can be reduced in children who follow the keto diet and may even prevent them permanently. They can lessen the amount of medication they take or possibly let them stop taking medication entirely. And are you ready for this? If a child is on keto for two years, they may never have another seizure again, even if they stop doing keto!

Unfortunately, adults with epilepsy may not have as much luck when they try the keto diet, due to the way it works with adult forms of the disorder. Keep in mind, too, that kids may feel deprived if they are forced to follow a strict diet while friends are enjoying candy and ice cream. This is why it’s typically not the first choice for doctors who treat children with epilepsy. Don’t be disheartened, though. It may just mean you have to be a little more creative with the way you create desserts and meals for the little ones!

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Gena Hymowech

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