Why collagen is superior to other protein powders

Protein powders are becoming more popular among people trying to achieve good health. These supplements are a simple daily way to help achieve fitness, wellness, and weight loss goals.

However, not all protein powders have equal health benefits. According to many experts, a collagen supplement is the best protein powder choice for many people, and for good reason…

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Why use a protein powder?

There was a time when only bodybuilders used protein powders. These days, however, a wide variety of people use these supplements.

One of the key benefits is that these powders offer a range of essential amino acids. Although many people in the west take in the required amount of protein, they may not get the range of amino acids that they need for optimal health. In addition, taking in ample amounts of certain types of protein appears to be important in preventing premature aging, building muscle, and other specific health goals.

There are several different kinds of protein, but we’ll talk about 3 today: whey protein, pea protein, and collagen.

Common types of protein powder

Whey protein, which is derived from milk, is one of the most popular protein options. Whey offers a good range of amino acids. It comes in a variety of flavors and easily mixes into cold drinks. However, whey can cause side effects such as stomach upset.

Pea protein isolate is also a popular choice. It is a vegan source of protein, which makes it popular among people who are trying to eat fewer animal products or to avoid dairy. In addition, pea protein contains all of the branched chain amino acids needed to build muscle, which is important to people on a strict exercise regimen.

Collagen powder has become popular as a protein supplement very recently. This protein is found in connective tissue throughout the body and contains amino acids as well as other helpful compounds. It also is an important part of maintaining the integrity of skin and other tissues as we age.

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Collagen is particularly popular among people who are trying to follow a ketogenic diet or other weight loss diet. This is because most collagen powders have zero carbs, so it does not take the body out of ketosis. In addition, it has become popular for adding into bulletproof coffee, which is a simple coffee with added ingredients like collagen and butter, which helps people on a keto diet stay full, yet is a good source of healthy fat.

The benefits of collagen

There are several other reasons that collagen powders have become a popular protein supplement. This protein has specific benefits that other protein powders simply do not offer.

First, collagen is low carb and low calorie but leaves people feeling full for a long time, up to three hours. This can be a benefit for people trying to lose weight who want to reduce their caloric intake.

Second, collagen helps not just in building muscle, but also in building bone and connective tissue. It also can improve the appearance of skin, hair, and fingernails.

Collagen also has been found to effectively reduce joint pain. This is important both to people who exercise regularly and to people who are aging.

Collagen powder also is easier to use than many other protein powders. It can dissolve easily into liquids, whether they are hot or cold. This makes it a great addition to shakes, soups, and even coffee like we mentioned earlier.

These benefits make collagen unique as a protein supplement. An increasing number of people are choosing a collagen supplement for these unique benefits.

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Collagen vs other protein powders

How does collagen powder compare to other protein powders?

The length of time that collagen keeps people feeling satisfied and full is longer than that of other proteins. Whey, in particular, does not provide much satiation, often leaving people feeling hungry soon after. In addition, whey protein supplements can often contain carbs, as these are naturally present with whey. This can be a major downside for people trying to follow a keto diet.

While pea protein and whey both contain amino acids, they do not have the anti-aging benefits of collagen. Because collagen is the type of protein present in many cells of the human body, a collagen supplement has everything people need to build stronger tissues. Whey and pea protein have not been found to improve hair and skin nor to relieve joint pain.

Pea and whey protein both can be difficult to mix into beverages, leaving lumps that make shakes difficult to drink. In addition, pea protein simply does not taste good, which can be difficult to cover in a shake or other drink. The ability of collagen powder to easily mix in almost any kind of liquid is a benefit for people who want to add their protein to a variety of liquids without any hassle.

Are there any downsides to collagen?

Although there are several key benefits to collagen, there are a few downsides as well. It tends to be more expensive than other types of protein powders, although it is sometimes possible to find good deals.

In addition, collagen is inherently an animal product. Thus, it is not compliant with a vegetarian or vegan diet. This may be a deal breaker for some people.

Despite these drawbacks, collagen is a superior protein choice for many people. An increasing number of people are choosing this supplement for its ease of use and unique range of health benefits.


Janine Einhellig

By Janine Einhellig

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