COVID-19: Chest pain, allergies and a racehorse with asthma

Is my crushing chest pain the coronavirus?

This past Saturday morning I did a lot of shopping… to put it mildly. My shopping cart in the grocery store was so full that people were actually pointing and laughing at me if you can imagine that.

It’s not as if I had gone completely off the rails, hoarding food as they must have thought. I actually did have a method to what clearly appeared to be madness.

I didn’t buy anything I don’t normally buy like powdered milk and canned Spam®. I just believe in being prepared. And I might even be a little “extra” about it… as the kids like to say.

Actually, what I bought was two weeks’ worth of what I’d normally buy — plus I was also shopping for my 80-year-old mother because I’ve forbidden her to leave the house.

She calls me bossy… and maybe she’s right. But better bossy than sorry if you ask me.

By Saturday afternoon my chest pain started. “Could I have this thing?” is what I immediately thought. So, I went to the source any self-respecting health researcher would go to when trying to determine if others are experiencing the same thing…


I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth would you go to Twitter to determine if chest pain is a symptom of coronavirus? Well, that’s because it’s an extremely large sample of people that are all going through the same thing at the very same time together. Here’s what I learned…

Thousands of people were experiencing chest pain. And the hashtag #ismychestpainanxietyorcoronavirus was actually trending. So, here’s what I think was really going on…

I was having anxiety.

Heck, I’m worried about my husband, my kids, my family (Mom in particular), my staff, my friends, you, me, your family, seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, doctors, nurses, first responders, people less fortunate than me, people stuck on cruise ships, kids trying to get home from college after being evicted from their dorms… the list goes on and on and on and on…

Some of the first things we experience when under extreme stress are a quickened pulse, a blood pressure increase, shallow breathing, chest pain, and stomach pain. So, anxiety and stress were clearly taking a toll and playing a sizable roll in my chest pain.

But here’s what I think was also happening… when my oldest son was small, I pulled my chest lifting his car seat out of the car. He was a sizable baby, and ever since then, I’ve been prone to pulling my chest muscles. And let me tell you… it hurts.

Over the years I’ve had numerous occasions where I’ve stopped, clutched my chest and looked at my husband wide-eyed and said, “am I having a heart attack?” To which he’ll gently remind me that I more than likely pulled the muscles in my chest and then asks me what I lifted that could have caused it.

Usually, I can trace it to a lifted table or a weekend spent rearranging the furniture or moving boxes in the garage. But this time it dawned on me, it was the extra full grocery cart and all the extra heavy groceries I’d bought to be prepared should we have to quarantine.

I’m sure the stress and anxiety didn’t help. But to add insult to injury…

Here in South Florida, everything is blooming, and allergy season is off to a roaring start. I’ve had numerous friends tell me their asthma and allergies are really acting up and it’s making them extra paranoid about COVID-19.

Speaking of allergies and COVID-19, let me tell you a story about a racehorse with asthma…

Her name was Baronesse. She was quite famous, and she was owned by a 14 year-old-girl. She was a beautiful Arabian horse and had won multiple medals.

In 1996 Baronesse was having a really hard time breathing. Veterinarians were trying desperately to treat the extremely valuable horse. Nothing was working.

She was attached to oxygen 24-hours-a-day.

Her owner, that poor little girl, was heartbroken because she was being asked to make a decision no 14 year-old-girl should ever have to make.

Thankfully, as one last-ditch effort, her veterinarian reached out to a homeopathic vet in Egypt for advice. This Egyptian vet had successfully cured other Arabian horses.

At this point, Baronesse was in really bad shape and getting worse by the day. But just in the nick of time the Egyptian vet replied and said…

Give Baronesse Black Seeds!

It was a simple prescription, so they decided to give it a shot. They procured the black seeds and immediately started mixing them into her food daily. Then they waited and prayed. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous!

Within days, the horse started showing signs of improvement in her breathing. After several more days, they were able to remove the oxygen because the horse was breathing on her own.

In a few weeks, Baroneese’s breathing was completely normal. And several months later she was racing and winning medals again.

It’s a great (and true) story, but here’s where it gets really interesting. The little girl’s father was Dr. Peter Schleicher, an immunologist in Munich, Germany. He was so impressed he decided to try the Oil pressed from Black Seeds as a treatment for one of his patients experiencing severe breathing problems.

That patient, a prominent politician, did so well that Dr. Schleicher spent the next few years conducting five major studies on the golden-colored Oil that was mainly being used as a therapeutic agent for respiratory problems, allergies, and dermatitis.

This is the very same Oil in my favorite product Peak Golden Oil!

In one of the studies, Black Seed Oil was tested on 600 patients experiencing health problems ranging from allergies to pollen and dust, problems breathing and dermatitis. A remarkable 70%, or 420 of the participants, became symptom-free and experienced total relief.

So what is it about the black seed oil in Peak Golden Oil that produces such remarkable results?

The Oil contains over 100 powerful compounds — working synergistically — to produce remarkable and regenerating support for your immune system.

But the two most potent ingredients are thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone. These two in combination target the vital workings of your immune system — allowing you to experience a wide range of health benefits from this one Oil.

These compounds give black seed oil the mechanism to act as an:

  • Analgesic — giving comfort to achy muscles and sore joints
  • Anti-Bacterial — inhibiting the growth of bacteria
  • Anti-inflammatory — supporting the body’s ability to heal
  • Anti-Microbial — inhibiting microorganisms
  • Antioxidants — inhibiting free radicals
  • Anti-Pyretic — inhibiting fevers
  • Anthelmintic — inhibiting parasites

That’s because the hexane-free, organic black seed oil found in Peak Golden Oil has immune-modulating properties to help support healthy, normal, protective immunity.

Peak Golden Oil is my family’s personal insurance policy for staying well. And when there’s “yucky stuff” going around… we all take double the normal dose. And under the current circumstances, I want to make it available to you with this very special offer…

For a limited time, when you buy 6 bottles of Peak Golden Oil I’ll send you 6 more bottles on me. I’ll also cover the shipping too!

I want you to have access to the incredible immune-supporting Oil that has been used for centuries by Egyptian kings… European queens… Religious prophets… Asthmatic racehorses… German politicians… and over 10,000 of my very own satisfied customers…

…for everything from allergies to acne… coughs to congestion… and fevers to fatigue.

I recently read some rather alarming information about this virus. Studies have shown it has the ability to live in air particles for hours and on surfaces for days.

Researchers found it was detectable in the air for 3 hours… on cardboard for 24 hours… and could live up to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel.

That makes it more important than ever to be vigilant about voluntarily quarantining when absolutely possible, minimizing unnecessary interactions outside your normal circles, washing hands, covering coughs and disinfecting all the surfaces you touch on a regular basis.

I’ve even taken to not only cleaning my hands with sanitizing wipes when I’m out, but also wiping down the steering wheel in my car, the door handles, AC controls and anything else I touch while driving.

Please know you’re in my thoughts every day and my condolences to anyone who is sick… anxious… in quarantine… or just plain overwhelmed by this completely unprecedented situation.

Just know, I’m sending healing thoughts your way, plus…

We’re here for you every day… answering every phone call… fulfilling every order… and shipping every package. Call us if you need us.

Also, if you can, spend some time in nature. Get out of the house and breathe the fresh air, soak up some sun for a natural protective boost of vitamin D. Listen to the birds sing. Catch up on your shows or all the movies you wanted to watch. Finish a project or pick a beloved hobby back up. Take this opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life, because you know what they say about time… it flies… even if you aren’t exactly having that much fun.

Virginia Tims-Lawson

By Virginia Tims-Lawson

Virginia Tims-Lawson has dedicated her life to researching and studying natural health after her mother had a stroke that left her blind in one eye at the age of 47, and her grandmother and two great uncles died from heart attacks. Spurred by her family history, Virginia’s passion to improve her and her family’s health through alternative practices, nutrients and supplements has become a mission she shares through her writing. She is the founder and Chief Research officer for Peak Pure & Natural.