How your hands can reverse aging and improve your memory

If you’ve ever wondered how well you are holding off the effects of aging, a study at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis has turned up a unique way to measure it.

Their study says it’s all in your handshake and how firmly you can grip.

Scientists at Stony Brook University in New York claim you can figure out your chances of living to a ripe old age as well as your risk for disability, for memory loss and resiliency by the firmness of your handshake.

For this study, the researchers analyzed the results of 50 studies that centered on people of all ages globally. Since the measure of hand grip is frequently used, they had plenty of data.

“Hand-grip strength is easily measured and data on hand-grip strength now can be found in many of the most important surveys on aging worldwide,” says researcher Warren Sanderson.

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A new study out of Denmark found the same thing. The stronger your grip, the more likely it is that you’ll live a longer, healthier life with a much sharper memory.

Why would this be true?

Epigenetics is one reason. What you do affects how your DNA expresses itself. What you do can either help your DNA express strength health and wellness, or old age and disease.

And studies have found that strength is associated with 221 different genes, including ones that can produce hand-weakening inflammation. The stronger your hands are, the more likely your genes are to express a much healthier, younger you.

Also, researchers have found that the older you get, the better the anti-aging effect of resistance training has. Just two days a week of strength training can keep your grip strength up… and your body young.

Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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