The hidden danger of juicing

There’s more to juicing than following recipes that teach you how to lose weight with one drink a day.

Though juicing can be a wonderful way to give your body the nutritional boost it needs, and ensure that you experience a range of benefits as a result, it’s important to know that you have to have the right ingredients if you want the best results.

If you’re juicing non-organic produce, then chances are that you’re gradually poisoning yourself with high doses of pesticides.

Remember, juicing is a process that involves removing the liquid and nutrients from produce so that you can drink them in one handy glass. Unfortunately, the pesticides that are used in non-organic fruits and vegetables to help them grow, are water soluble, which means that you’re actively extracting them from the fruits and vegetables you consume every time you juice.

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In other words, a glass of juice made with fruits and vegetables that are not organic is actually more than just juice – it’s a glass of fruity pesticide.

Stop poisoning yourself today

Not only is juicing a great way to draw all of the dangerous chemicals used in non-organic produce out into your glass, but the process of juicing itself actually makes the whole thing a lot worse.

While juicing organic produce means that you get a great dose of all the nutrients you need without any unwanted fiber or pulp, that lack of pulp makes the drink more dangerous than ever when dealing with non-organic produce.

Juicing works by removing all of the plant fiber from a fruit or vegetable, so that just the absorbable liquids are left behind. However, since plant fibers can work to block toxic pesticides in your digestive tract, removing them means that there’s nothing to protect you when you’re drinking your glass of non-organic juice.

What’s more, pesticide chemicals can persist for a very long period of time. These chemicals not only survive constant exposure to sunlight, cleaning, and juicing, but you can’t even wash them off because they are inside of the fresh produce that you’re juicing!

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The answer to safe juicing

The simple answer to keeping yourself safe while you’re juicing, is to avoid using any fresh produce that has been grown using chemical pesticides. There are only two categories of items that will ever be safe to use in your juicer, and these are products that you grow yourself, and produce that is completely organic.

Organic fruits and vegetables set themselves apart from the rest of the produce you can buy at a local store or market, because they are not grown using any manner of chemicals or pesticides. In other words, they are completely natural, and lack any of the dangerous items that you might want to avoid when you’re attempting to improve your overall health.

If you absolutely have to use non-organic produce in your juicer, then you could consider using an entire whole fruit or vegetable in your blender, rather than juicing out all of the fiber. This means that you can combine the juiced ingredients with the fiber and potentially block the pesticides from entering your system.

Try blending a green juice in your juicer, and then adding fruits that are naturally adept at preventing your body from absorbing pesticide chemicals, such as grapefruit, apples, and strawberries.

These fibrous items will help to act as a border against dangerous substances in your fresh produce, and can therefore ensure that at least some of chemicals you consume are not absorbed into your blood.

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Remember, safe juicing makes the difference

Juicing will always be a wonderful way to get plenty of fruit and vegetable nutrients into your body, but it’s important to take measures to ensure that your juicing practices are safe. If you are using conventional produce, then you’re basically exposing yourself to a cocktail of different pesticides that cannot be blocked by the natural fibers in fruits and vegetables.

Vegetable and fruit fibers are essential for blocking the absorption of chemicals in your system, and this is a strong argument for many people who consider eating full and whole fruits to be an important part of a balanced diet.

If you absolutely need to use juice from conventional non-organic produce, make sure that you mix it with organic and fiber-rich whole foods such as apples, grapefruits, and strawberries.


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