Master hormone therapy defeats the five worst cancers

You probably already know that excess blood sugar created by the foods in our Western diet is depressing our immune systems.

What you may not know is that too much blood sugar, which causes insulin resistance and insulin dysfunction, can be a major cause of breast cancer.

Insulin resistance has also been shown to increase your risk of late-stage breast cancer and a higher risk of death.

Researchers at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto came to the conclusion that there could be two reasons for this:

  1. Breast cancer diagnosis may be delayed in women with diabetes because of the other health concerns that get more attention.
  2. Insulin resistance — from diabetes excess blood sugar — may promote more rapid growth of tumors because too much insulin can be a growth factor for breast tumors.

In the 5-year study, researchers examined the stages of the disease when the women were found to have invasive breast cancer. 1 The analysis showed that:

  • Out of about 38,000 women in the study with breast cancer, approximately 16% had diabetes.
  • The women with breast cancer who had diabetes were at a much higher risk of having advanced-stage breast cancer (Stages II-IV) than women without diabetes:
    • 14% more likely to have Stage II breast cancer
    • 21% more likely to have Stage III breast cancer
    • 16% more like to have Stage IV breast cancer

The study also found that diabetes increased the chances of having larger tumors and cancer that had spread to lymph nodes. In the words of study author, Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe, “In addition, the risk of advanced stage breast cancer was greatest in younger women and those with longer-standing diabetes.”

This is significant eye-opening data on increased breast cancer severity risks from diabetes.

However, the study didn’t place enough emphasis on the hidden culprit.

Mainstream medicine continues to throw drugs at the problem instead of fixing the root cause… when your body’s master hormone — insulin — is broken, it causes diseases like cancer.

And breast cancer is only the tip of the iceberg…

Today’s environment is fueling cancer – and your body wants to heal itself

Unfortunately, many other forms of cancer share the same link — starting with lung cancer. Research has already shown that insulin resistance may be an important risk factor for lung cancer. 2

Broken insulin function and increased fasting insulin levels (even in non-diabetic patients) have also been independently linked to the development of colorectal, uterine, and prostate cancers. 3

Ask yourself: Is it a mere coincidence that of these five cancers, four of them are the most diagnosed and often deadliest?

Not when you consider that your own body has been pushed into a vulnerable state where these cancers can grow.

By missing the boat on the relationship between too much insulin and cancer, diagnoses among Americans have only risen — right alongside skyrocketing insulin resistance.

Why has mainstream medicine not put two and two togeter?

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