Superfoods that super-size your health [infographic]

Superfoods that super-size your health [infographic]Superfoods can help you restore and maintain great health! Why? Because they’re densely-packed powerhouse sources of superior nutrients — most often ones your body can’t make or doesn’t make enough of on its own — like disease-fighting antioxidants.

Eating superfoods regularly is a good way to promote your general well-being and possibly reduce your risk for certain diseases.

From pumpkin and olive oil to walnuts, kale and spinach, these superfoods are quite SUPER for a reason. Be sure to incorporate them into any diet and find yourself less susceptible to illness!

Become a fungi foodie to take your nutrition to new heights

Mushrooms protect your body like nothing else. But some people turn their noses up at them. If you’re one of them, it’s time to get past any childhood phobia you may have had about mushrooms and embrace this exceptional source of nutrition…

‘Original’ superfood fights cancer and obesity

Feeling bombarded by fad diets, trendy superfoods and conflicting advice about what’s best for your body? It’s confusing to say the least. It’s okay to embrace these new trends. But you should never forget about this original superfood and potent cancer fighter…

Black garlic: Odor-free cancer fighter

If you love the savory flavor and punch that garlic gives to food — not to mention the ancient allium’s revered health-boosting benefits, it’s time you discovered a resurrected treasure: black garlic.

Chia: The tiny superfood that’s a BIG deal

Would you like to know how to lower blood pressure, lower heart attack and stroke risk, lower inflammation in the body, restore gut health, balance the immune system, and increase fiber with a single whole food?

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