Big Agriculture

Jenny Smiechowski

The clean 15 and dirty dozen fruit and veggie guide for 2020

I buy a lot of my food organic, but not all of it. Sometimes, the price tag is so steep that I convince myself my body can handle a little dose of pesticides for the sake of my pocketbook. But based on all I’ve learned about pesticides and produce, I know I need to be strategic about which foods I buy organic and which ones I don’t…

Joyce Hollman

Golf, pesticides and Parkinson’s: How to avoid being poisoned

A Harvard study found a 70 percent incidence of Parkinson’s among farm and non-farm workers exposed to pesticides. Maybe you’re not a farmer but are you sure you’re safe? Ever notice how green and lush grass is on a golf course? It doesn’t get that way on its own…

Jenny Smiechowski

The pesticide 1,000 times more toxic than we thought

Spring is upon us… It’s not long before your neighbors begin dousing their lawns in Roundup. Whether glyphosate on its own is safe, there’s another factor a lot of people don’t think about: all of the other chemicals added to concoct a powerful pesticide cocktail…

Joyce Hollman

Orange juice: Pure, natural… and poison?

How often do you make a tall glass of orange juice a part of your breakfast? A few times a week — or every day? Well, that’s how often you’ve been drinking a potentially lethal serving of glyphosate, a “probable human carcinogen.”

Virginia Tims-Lawson

The king of the dirty fruits

Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides accumulate in your cells, fatty tissue and nervous system weakening your immune system by suppressing the function of white blood cells. Is your favorite fruit too risky to eat?

Margaret Cantwell

Reduce your risk of obesity 37%

A common argument I hear from people who try to forego the over-processed, store brought foods is that they can’t afford to eat healthy food. But after seeing what it does to your body, you’ll be asking how can you afford NOT to…