Brain Support

Jenny Smiechowski

Reversing age-related brain shrinkage is easier than you think

As you get older, the size of a certain vital organ becomes more and more important — your brain. That’s because, typically, the older you get, the smaller your brain volume gets. And if this shrinkage gets too out of hand, you end up with a serious cognitive impairment like dementia.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Coffee drinkers have better brain connectivity

For years, research has dug into the benefits of coffee. And, now, there’s more credibility pointing to our favorite elixir’s stimulating brain benefits. Coffee certainly lives up to its reputation to help us stay sharp, alert and focused, but should we drink more… or less for the best big brain benefits?

Joyce Hollman

Why weight around the middle shrinks the brain

Obesity is associated with a long list of adverse health effects including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But research is showing that extra weight, especially around the middle, can not only shrink the brain but make recovery harder if you suffer a stroke or other brain injury.

Jenny Smiechowski

Low-to-moderate drinkers may have cognitive edge over non-drinkers

It’s fun to read about the health benefits of guilty pleasures… like drinking coffee, looking at cat memes or indulging in a glass of wine. We get a lot of mixed messages about that last one though. But a new study shows that people who drink low-to-moderate amounts of alcohol have better brain health than those who don’t.

Joyce Hollman

Menopause, brain energy and the Alzheimer’s connection women need to know more about

Most people think menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, memory loss start in the ovaries, when in fact they are neurological symptoms. That’s because estrogen helps produce energy in the brain. As it delines neurons slow down and age quickly. That’s why women need to protect their brains as they age…

Jenny Smiechowski

3 antioxidants that provide the best protection from Alzheimer’s

Once you hit middle age, chronic and degenerative diseases become the biggest threat to your health and longevity. Many of these diseases occur when oxidative stress causes free radicals to attack your cells… including Alzheimer’s. But a few potent antioxidants could protect you from the oxidative stress that puts you at risk for debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s…