Dr. Isaac Eliaz

If clean eating won’t save you from glyphosate, what will?

Glyphosate is the world’s most common herbicide. Recently, it was classified as a probable carcinogen, in addition to being linked to other serious health conditions. And it accumulates in your body…

Easy Health Options Staff

Frankenfish: Lab-to-table salmon presents risky unknowns

A new organism that has never before appeared on planet earth is about to hit your dinner table… but you’ll never know. Because no one has to tell you that you’re eating it.

Easy Health Options Staff

The other scary cancer-causing foods

Are you giving up meat now that experts are telling you it causes cancer? I’m not saying I disagree with them at all. But something else is really puzzling me about people’s reactions to the news… and that’s why didn’t they react to this other threat the same way?

Dr. Michael Cutler

Testing and treating your body for glyphosate

I’ve warned you about the herbicide living in your body. It’s time to get serious about what it’s doing to you. Here’s how to get tested for exposure to glyphosate and how you can detoxify yourself from it.

Easy Health Options Staff

Farmers sue Monsanto claiming RoundUp® causes cancer

Controversy tends to engulf Monsanto, the notorious agrochemical giant. One of the most vociferous debates concerns the safety of Monsanto products, including genetically modified seeds and RoundUp® herbicide.

Dr. Michael Cutler

The herbicide living in your body

It’s easy to turn a deaf ear to certain health threats, especially if you feel powerless about them. That’s why something like toxic pesticide exposure falls to the back burner. Well, here’s your wake-up house call…