Muscle mass

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How to save your muscles without moving

Whether you’ve been injured and stuck in a cast, imobilized due to surgery or stroke or maybe you just have a bad shoulder or knee, being immobile leads to muscle wastage that steals strength that’s hard to get back. But don’t let being sidelined prevent you from exercising the limbs you can move. New research shows the benefits can be transferred to the ones you’re not even moving!

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Eat more blueberries to preserve and repair your muscles

Reduced muscle mass can lead to a lack of mobility, lower quality of life and even steal your independence. Now though, there’s a new weapon in your arsenal that could make all the difference — a simple and delicious way to kick your muscle strength into gear by stimulating the production of special cells in your body that boost muscle growth and repair…

Jenny Smiechowski

How vitamin C can save your muscles from shrinking

Once you’re over 50, you lose about one percent of your muscle mass per year. Not only can it lead to frailty, but it’s also linked to a higher risk of physical disability and even type-2 diabetes. So how do you prevent your muscle mass from slipping away with age? The answer may be simpler than you’d think…

Amanda Luft

How muscle loss shrinks your brain and the vitamin that protects both

There’s a nutrient that’s absolutely essential to keeping muscles strong and healthy. If you’re not getting enough of this, you could be headed down a dark road to chronic illness and a loss of independence. And I’m not just talking about your body, but your brain too. When muscles shrink, so does your brain…

Jenny Smiechowski

4 ways to keep inflammaging from shrinking your muscles

Sarcopenia can prevent your retirement dreams from coming true, because it decreases your mobility, increases your risk of falls and makes it more likely you’ll end up in a nursing home than on a cruise ship. But a likely culprit behind this common condition has been identified…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Strengthen this body part to avoid the nursing home

You hear a lot about keeping your brain strong to keep your independence as you age. That’s important, but there’s another body part that needs as much attention. Because if these go out on you, a nursing home may be the best place equipped to care for you…