Pain Management

Carolyn Gretton

Real or forced, smiling makes you feel better, says science

Evidence is mounting that a smile can both lift your mood and make you healthier. And it’s true whether the smile is genuine or faked. So, if you’re feeling down, force a smile. It may soon become real when you see just how many benefits science shows it can get you…

Carolyn Gretton

10 reasons your leg could be hurting

Sometimes if you have leg pain, the cause is obvious. But there are times when you may not be sure what’s going on. And whatever the source, no one wants to suffer through pain, wondering if the cause is anything serious or not. Here are 10 reasons you could be experiencing leg pain…

Carolyn Gretton

The omega-3 fatty acid that essentially blocks pain

Omega-3s are essential fatty acids —“essential” because your body can’t make them. Without them you could be in a world of hurt if you don’t consume enough, not just because they promote heart and brain health, but because research is zeroing in on how one in particular blocks pain signals…

Joyce Hollman

The pain mistake we’ve been making for years (even doctors!)

When we’re injured, pain and inflammation occur. At home, and at the doctor’s offices, anti-inflammatories have been the answer. But we’re learning that interfering with that inflammatory response can backfire and turn short-term pain into a long-term problem.

Margaret Cantwell

What a week of pain relievers does to your heart

You may not realize just how quickly some painkillers can take a toll on your heart. You don’t have to take these drugs for years and years to experience an elevated heart attack risk. Damage can be done by taking them for just one week.

Joyce Hollman

The best way to avoid knee pain says science

The pain of knee osteoarthritis can be excruciating, and the stiffness can really slow you down. For many people, the solution is a total knee replacement. But science is stacking up for a simple way to slow damage and reduce your pain risk by 40 percent…