6 exercises for sleeveless, toned summertime arms

Spring break and summer vacation may get you excited…

On the other hand you may pull out those sleeveless tops and run screaming back into the dressing room.

Help is here. In just a few weeks, you can get stronger, sleeker toned arms that you’ll be proud to show off.

All you have to do is get busy! You’ll want to do these exercises in today’s video at least two times a week minimum and three times a week ideally. Try using weights that cause you to fatigue at 10 or fewer repetitions on one or two of your workout days, and then use slightly lighter weights that cause you to fatigue in 15 or 20 reps on the other day(s).

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Here are some tips to get the most from this workout…

Mix it up. Keep the muscles guessing by varying the weight you use mentioned above and also by changing the sequence of the exercises.

Just one set? You’ve got options. Because you’re using multiple exercises for the same muscle group, a single set may be enough for your first couple of weeks. When you feel you can tolerate more, add a second set. As long as you keep the weight heavy enough to reach fatigue you’ll see results even if you stick with one set.

Inevitably, you may not be able to do one or more of these exercises. That will still leave you with a handful of exercises that focus on the back of your upper arm.

  1. Lying triceps press
  2. Standing or kneeling triceps press
  3. Eccentric triceps push-ups
  4. Triceps kickback
  5. Triceps long arm lift
  6. Triceps combination

A few details

To improve visible muscle tone you can’t focus solely on a single muscle group. You need to target your other muscles and fat stores too. That takes some focus on adequate protein, reduction of sugar and foods that easily turn to sugar as you digest them, and a combination of cardio and strength training that focuses on major muscle groups.

Debra Atkinson

By Debra Atkinson

Debra Atkinson Is the founder of the Flipping 50 movement and host of the Flipping 50 podcast and TV show available on your iphone, ipad, and Apple TV. She is the author of four books including You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women and Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust.

Debra is a contributing blogger on the Huffington Post, ShareCare, Prime Woman, and Livingbetter50. She provides solutions for women approaching 50 or who have already turned the corner on what to eat, how to move, and the mindset for lifestyle change with hormone balance that will make the next years as the best years. Find her resources here.