7 reasons your sex drive (and your health) may be lagging

It’s normal to go through ups and downs when it comes to your sex drive.

However, while those occasional ups and downs may be nothing to worry too much about, if you’ve found that your libido is chronically lagging, there could be something more going on.

And even though it’s easy to just fall into a rut, a healthy sex life has too many benefits to give up on…

Did you know that for women, having sex often may actually delay the onset of menopause?

For both men and women, a healthy sex life means:

  • A sharper mind
  • Reduced heart disease risk
  • Better blood pressure

That’s why we’ve put together a list of seven of the top sex-drive killers that could be to blame for your lack of interest in the bedroom…

#1 — Stress

Stress can quickly kill any sexy feelings you used to have. In fact, whether it’s issues at home, the office or in your relationship, stress can quickly take a toll on your sex life. This means that often one of the first steps to restoring a healthy sex drive is to find effective ways to manage your stress.

This can be as simple as going for a run, taking a hot bath, reading a good book or practicing meditation.

#2 — Alcohol

Some people feel that a little alcohol can grease the wheels so to speak and help get that bedroom time started. But while one drink might be OK for you, too much can sink your sex drive.

That’s why it’s important to limit the amount of alcohol you consume before hitting the sheets.

#3 — Lack of sleep

Remember that example that we talked about earlier about how new parents tend to go through a period of decreased sex drive? Well, it’s about more than simply having kids and being busy.

Much of those libido issues can center around a simple lack of sleep since fatigue can quickly take sex off the table. So, if you’re feeling like your libido has left the building, take a look at your sleeping patterns and any trouble you have falling or staying asleep. It’s also important to consider conditions like sleep apnea that could be adding to your libido problems.

#4 — Medication

It’s well known that a number of types of prescription drugs can put a damper on your desires. Some of the tops culprits include:

  • Finasteride commonly used for an enlarged prostate or hair loss
  • Antidepressants such as SSRIs that interfere with arousal
  • Blood pressure medications which can interfere with erections and ejaculation in men and decrease desire and cause difficulty in achieving orgasm in women

If you’re taking any of these drugs and have seen a decrease in your libido, it’s important to consider talking to your doctor to see whether you can better manage your condition without side effects, or even through natural supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes.

For example, my husband and I use Peak BP Platinum™ to promote healthy blood pressure.

#5 — Obesity

Being overweight or obese can kill your sex drive in numerous ways.  Not only can it damage your body image and lead to low self-esteem, obesity can also reduce testosterone levels and lead to inflammation throughout your body.

This is why many men find that obesity and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand.

#6 — Low T

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. And as men age, levels of this hormone can drop which can lower your sex drive. Low T can even reduce your ability to have satisfying sex.

Luckily there is a treatment for Low T plus natural ways that can help boost your levels like:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Exercising
  • Reducing stress
  • Raising your vitamin D levels
  • Eating a balanced diet of whole foods, balanced between fats, carbs and proteins

#7 — Estrogen dominance

Just like low levels of testosterone can kill your libido, high levels of estrogen, can cause both men and women to lose interest in sex and interfere with sexual desire.

Sadly, estrogen dominance has become more and more common thanks to man-made chemicals found in our air, water, food, homes and even automobiles called Xenoestrogens. Since they act like estrogen in your body, they can disrupt your natural hormone balance.

A natural way to promote healthy hormone balance is to get adequate amounts of Di-Indole Methane (DIM) in your diet or through supplementation. DIM, a compound found in cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, latches on to the fake estrogens and removes them from the body. DIM supports more energy, a healthy weight, sound sleep, firm skin, strong muscles and a healthier sex drive.

Now, I can eat broccoli and cauliflower until the cows come home, but my husband won’t touch the stuff. I thank my lucky stars for Peak Maximum Endurance which contains DIM as well as other scientifically backed, stamina-boosting nutrients.

Sex has too many health benefits to pass up

There’s no age limit on enjoying a healthy sex life. It has too many health benefits of its own to give it up. So, heed the tips above, and don’t take a lackluster libido lying down…


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Virginia Tims-Lawson

By Virginia Tims-Lawson

Virginia Tims-Lawson has dedicated her life to researching and studying natural health after her mother had a stroke that left her blind in one eye at the age of 47, and her grandmother and two great uncles died from heart attacks. Spurred by her family history, Virginia’s passion to improve her and her family’s health through alternative practices, nutrients and supplements has become a mission she shares through her writing. She is the founder and Chief Research officer for Peak Pure & Natural.