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Joyce Hollman

How leaky gut leads to weight gain

Digestive troubles are so common, we pay them little mind. But the condition that allows bacterial toxins to leak into the bloodstream causes bigger problems: A cycle of weight gain and the inability to lose weight, by changing how the body metabolizes fat.

Carolyn Gretton

An important step forward in gauging men’s prostate cancer risk

The old standby, PSA testing, isn’t 100 percent accurate, leading to unnecessary biopsy and treatment and loads of anxiety. But when it was scaled back, metastatic prostate cancer cases rose. The key is identifying men by risk level—and a new tool may be the answer to saving lives…

Jerry Walker, Ph.D., Dale Wilson, Ph.D.

The natural health benefits of an emotional support animal

From a natural health perspective, there is strong evidence to suggest various benefits to a person’s mental and physical health from interacting with a pet. Studies found a significant reduction in stress among cardiac patients when compared to non-pet owning cardiac patients with similar conditions.

Will Bonner

Can these extreme-altitude wines reverse aging?

Do you know what’s in that wine bottle sitting on your kitchen counter? Try “oak” flavoring, “Mega Purple” dye and tons of sugar. But better wines do exist… and they don’t cost an arm and a leg either…

Joyce Hollman

What antibody testing is revealing about COVID-19

Serological testing, testing for the presence of antibodies that show you’ve already been exposed to the virus, is getting a lot of attention lately. It’s helping to give us a more accurate picture of just how widespread the virus is, and convincing authorities that, indeed, this is not just another “flu virus”…