Foods that help prevent Alzheimer’s

Less sugar

Reduce sugar to increase your brain power

Glucose is one of the primary fuels that the brain needs to convert to energy. People who are diabetic or pre-diabetic/insulin resistant have a weakened response to insulin, which is necessary to regulate (process) blood sugar. When the brain’s insulin production decreases, the brain is deprived of the glucose-converted energy and it literally starves. The brain begins to atrophy, leading to impaired functioning. Eventually, memory, speech, personality, and control over movement are lost.

How can you stop this? Luckily your brain can run on other types of energy supplies, one of which is ketones. Ketone bodies, or ketoacids, act to nourish the brain and prevent its atrophy. Ketones may even restore and renew the function of your neurons even after some damage has set in. The body produces ketones when it converts fat into energy. One of the primary sources of ketone bodies is medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are found in coconut oil.

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Craig Cooper

By Craig Cooper

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