How pomegranate can flush Alzheimer’s out of your brain

The first time it happens, it’s downright scary.

“What is her name? I’ve known her for years…”

“Why did I come into this room?”

Alzheimer’s is so prevalent, you can’t help but fear it.

The problem is, part of that fear is there because the mainstream never tells you how to prevent Alzheimer’s… or even that it’s possible. They only report on the drugs they’re developing that might help in 20 years.

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What about now?

Well, for one thing, pomegranate extract protects against Alzheimer’s.

The science on this is sound, and well-established, although you’d be hard-pressed to find it in the news.

Researchers didn’t know exactly how pomegranate worked its magic on brain health until recently. The College of Pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island has a department called the Bioactive Botanical Research Laboratory, and they figured it out.

Turns out, the friendly microbes in your stomach perform an incredible transformation.

They turn powerful antioxidants called ellagitannins, which can’t cross the blood-brain barrier, into “urolithins,” which can.

This compound created by our gut microbes is extremely powerful. Not only can it break down and prevent the formation of beta-amyloid plaque, but urolithins increase lifespan in animals with Alzheimer’s.

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So how do you put this to work in your own body?

Step 1) The first order of business is to maintain a healthy colony of gut microbes. That means eating prebiotic foods, which aid in healthy bacteria colonization. These include kefir and other fermented foods (kimchi and yogurt), asparagus, bananas, Jerusalem artichokes, oatmeal, and legumes.

You can also take a probiotic supplement, which contains live healthy microbes. They come in blends containing lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus species. Make sure you buy one that has a wide variety of healthy species, and not just one or two.

Step 2) Use a quality pomegranate extract. Usually, foods are the best medicine for your body. But in this case, you can’t get enough polyphenols from the fruit of the juice, although both are otherwise healthy (if there’s no added sugar in the juice).

Look for an extract with ellagitannins, or at least a large volume of ellagic acid. One study shows that many of the most popular ones do not have this essential Alzheimer’s fighter.

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