The berry that could save you from insulin injections

So many Americans are walking a thin line between life and death.

That may sound a little dramatic, but if you have prediabetes, my friend, that’s where you are.

Crossing the line to a full-fledged type 2 diabetes diagnosis is not just inconvenient, meaning a lifetime of medication, likely insulin injections, to keep you alive — but it sets you up for…

  • Retinopathy, which can lead to vision loss…
  • Diabetic nephropathy, otherwise known as kidney disease, and…
  • Diabetic neuropathy, or never damage that causes pain and possible loss of limbs

Then there’s the damage it does to your blood vessels that can lead to heart attack or stroke. It’s usually one of these that kills a diabetic.

There’s also an increased risk for Alzheimer’s.

It’s not pretty. So, let’s talk about the signs of prediabetes, and a simple berry that, if you start eating now, could be part of your plan to “reverse the progression” according to researchers.

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Your doc says your blood sugar levels are elevated?

Maybe you’ve recently had a checkup and your doctor noticed that your blood glucose levels were a little high. He may have told you to watch what you eat. Or maybe not.

Sadly, less than one-quarter of patients who meet the criteria for prediabetes receive drug or lifestyle modification treatment from their primary care physician. That means these people are unknowingly missing a window of opportunity to prevent a full-blown diagnosis of a disease that could ultimately upend lives.

There’s even the possibility your doctor didn’t say anything at all. Maybe he doesn’t want to worry you about what “might” happen and figures when the time comes, he’ll prescribe medication.

In that case, you should know what prediabetes looks like. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to do something about it:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Sugar and carb cravings
  3. Weight gain
  4. Headaches
  5. Trouble concentrating
  6. Mood swings or nervousness
  7. Dry skin
  8. Excessive thirst
  9. Frequent urination
  10. Slow-healing cuts and bruises
  11. Blurred vision
  12. Tingling in hands and/or feet

Peak Organic Superfruits

Blend of anthocyanin-rich, organic fermented fruits — including Aronia, Acia, Blueberry, Pomegranate and Plum — that can help clobber insulin resistance, and keep you healthy. MORE⟩⟩

More raspberries, please

Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology have found that the simple raspberry can be a big help to people with prediabetes.

Using a randomized, controlled, acute study design, 32 adults between the ages of 20-60 years had their blood tested over a 24-hour period after eating breakfast on three separate days.

The three breakfast meals were similar in calories and macronutrients but differed in the amount of frozen red raspberries — one meal contained no raspberries, one contained one cup of raspberries and one contained two cups of raspberries.

They found that as the number of raspberries eaten increased, the individuals at risk for diabetes required less insulin to manage their blood glucose.

According to Britt Burton-Freeman, Ph.D., Director, Center for Nutrition Research at Illinois Tech., “People at risk for diabetes are often told to not eat fruit because of their sugar content. However, certain fruits — such as red raspberries — not only provide essential micronutrients, but also components such as anthocyanins, which give them their red color, ellagitannins, and fibers that have anti-diabetic actions.

For people who are at risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health risks, knowing what foods have protective benefits and working them into your diet now can be an important strategy for slowing or reversing progression to disease.”

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Margaret Cantwell

By Margaret Cantwell

Margaret Cantwell began her paleo diet in 2010 in an effort to lose weight. Since then, the diet has been instrumental in helping her overcome a number of other health problems. Thanks to the benefits she has enjoyed from her paleo diet and lifestyle, she dedicates her time as managing editor of Easy Health Digest™, researching and writing about a broad range of health and wellness topics, including diet, exercise, nutrition and supplementation, so that readers can also be empowered to experience their best health possible.