Joyce Hollman

The truth about expiration dates on medication

Knowing what I know now about expiration dates on foods, I cringe thinking about how much food (and money!) is unnecessarily thrown away. But I recently came across something that piqued my curiosity about those same dates on medications. Considering the high cost of meds, this is even more cringeworthy…

Joyce Hollman

10 ways to reduce the BPA exposure that’s 50 times higher than the FDA told us

This endocrine-disrupting chemical increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and infertility, as well as cancer. And guess what? The FDA and other regulatory agencies have underestimated our exposure to BPA by as much as 44 times the average levels! Time to start protecting yourself…

Joyce Hollman

How safe are generic drugs?

The Food and Drug Administration exists to protect us from putting toxic or otherwise harmful stuff into our bodies. Yet every single year, dozens of medications we commonly depend on are recalled by the FDA because they are contaminated with poisons. How does this happen?

Joyce Hollman

Breast implants, what we didn’t know and why the FDA didn’t protect us

There was a time, in my younger years, when I thought that having a breast implant was just an act of vanity. Then I learned about breast cancer. But these medical devices have a troubled history, to say the least, including fatigue, exhaustion, joint swelling and pain, frequent muscle cramps, fibromyalgia and now, cancer.

Jenny Smiechowski

How concerning is the carcinogen in your heartburn medication?

There are times when OTC heartburn drugs seem like total lifesavers. Wake up in the middle of the night with bitter stomach acid gushing into your mouth? Reach for a Zantac. Chronic indigestion? You may be popping a preventative Zantac before every meal. But there’s one very big reason not to…

Joyce Hollman

How dangerous drugs can make their way into your supplements

It’s no secret that the FDA is no friend to the natural supplement industry. The Agency is still going to great lengths to squeeze natural supplements right off the market, passing and manipulating laws that favor the sale of questionable drugs. But what happens when these drugs taint your supplements?