Joyce Hollman

Did the FDA really just approve a ‘party drug’ to treat depression?

Ketamine has long been abused as a “street drug,” with side effects like convulsions, irregular heartbeat, hives, shortness of breath and blurry vision. So, why would the FDA approve a drug from this dangerous source for people who are already emotionally at risk, and put off a “natural drug” that’s safer?

Joyce Hollman

The medical device ‘coverup’ that could threaten your life

Medical devices are everywhere, from tongue depressors to knee replacements to pacemakers. We’re talking about any non-drug product used in medical treatment. While it’s mandatory that companies report deaths associated with their devices, reporting any other negative outcomes is strictly voluntary.

Joyce Hollman

The FDA isn’t done trying to take away your supplements

The supplement industry is growing bigger and healthier, and Big Pharma can’t get its hands on the profits. So, along with the FDA, they are doing the next best thing for them: Holding supplements to ridiculous regulations the likes of which their deadly meds and schemes received a “pass” on…

Joyce Hollman

The ‘alphabet soup’ of poison popping up in your blood pressure meds

There was a time when taking medication was pretty straightforward. Your doctor wrote a prescription, you filled it and began taking your meds. It would never have crossed your mind that there was poison in your pills. Sadly, those days are gone. Here’s more to know about the recalls…

Dr. Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC

How to recognize labeling tricks that make foods seem healthier than they are

Can you trust the ingredient panel on food packaging? I’m a doctor and I don’t. Deceptive labeling is one of the major factors behind the epidemic of chronic disease in the U.S. If you’re trying to make the right choices, here’s how to decipher their clever marketing tricks…

Jenny Smiechowski

How the food industry fools you into settling for fake fiber

Though some nutritional perspectives continue to shift, one piece of dietary wisdom remains reliable across the decades — eat plenty of fiber. Research shows this simple piece of advice may be the best way to prevent chronic disease. The problem is not all fiber is created equal…