5 everyday foods for lower blood sugar

1. Eggs

Eggs are filled with fat and cholesterol. That’s why they were labeled enemy number one in the fight against heart disease for decades. But recent research shows eggs don’t harm your heart after all… and they may even be the best breakfast food for balanced blood sugar.

A 2019 study from researchers at the University of British Columbia revealed that eating an omelet for breakfast prevented people with type 2 diabetes from having a post-breakfast blood sugar spike. It also lowered blood sugar levels and improved the stability of blood sugar readings for 24 hours after.

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Jenny Smiechowski

By Jenny Smiechowski

Jenny Smiechowski is a Chicago-based freelance writer who specializes in health, nutrition and the environment. Her work has appeared in online and print publications like Chicagoland Gardening magazine, Organic Lifestyle Magazine, BetterLife Magazine, TheFix.com, Hybridcars.com and Seedstock.com.