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Food Allergies

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Dr. Michael Cutler

Lock down the triggers aiming to make you sick

When your doctor says your illness is “idiopathic,” don’t believe it! The “idiopathic” condition is one that has no known cause. Every illness has more than one cause — you just have to discover them.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Natural help for today’s all-year allergy afflictions

Spring isn’t the only allergy season anymore … Allergies are now an all-year affliction. We have toxic molds, pests, food allergies, pet allergies … even our genes can trigger reactions to allergens.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

How to survive and thrive with food allergies

A few years ago, I had a patient come to my clinic who said she was experiencing some rather serious headaches. We were able to determine that they weren’t migraines, but I was still concerned for her.

Carl Lowe

When it comes to allergies, doctors are in the dark

If you have an allergy that is potentially life-threatening, you should educate yourself about how to deal with a severe reaction. Research shows there’s a good chance not even your doctor knows what to do.

Carl Lowe

The killer allergy epidemic

When it comes to allergies, food allergies seem to get most of the publicity. But you’d be shocked to learn what the biggest allergy killer is – and it’s dished out by your doctor.

Carl Lowe

Here’s the reason you may have a peanut allergy

Medical researchers have long been at a loss trying to explain why peanut allergies in the U.S. and Europe are such a big problem. But now they think they’ve found a key to the puzzle.


Kellye Copas

Be Allergy Aware: Someone’s Life May Depend On It

Twelve million people in the U.S. have food allergies. For those who suffer mild to severe allergies, the holiday season can be especially troublesome at the office. Office parties and potlucks are a great time to connect with co-workers, but for the office member or two or three, with food allergies, they can create socially awkward — and potentially deadly — situations.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

The anti-allergy diet: Foods and supplements to alleviate seasonal allergies

Spring is here and it’s time to fight back against allergies. Eating the right foods, taking the proper supplements and even indulging in the most beneficial exercises can spell allergy relief. Learn how to keep your allergy symptoms under control so you can stop and smell the roses without a runny nose or congestion.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Could It Be Food Sensitivity?

What if bothersome joint pains, mental fog, low energy, stubborn skin problems, unexplained irritability or chronic digestive symptoms all had the same, straightforward solution? Could these and other seemingly unrelated health problems have a common root? Scientists and health seekers alike are discovering that this may well be the case.

Bryan Nash

City Kids Suffer More Food Allergies

Food allergies among children are on the rise, although no one is sure the reason. But researchers have added another piece to the puzzle: City kids suffer food allergies at a rate more than 50 percent higher than children in rural areas.

Dr. Michael Cutler

Food and Other Allergies

Do you have allergies? If you answered no, are you sure about that? I’ll reveal how many kinds of illnesses, signs, or symptoms you never thought possible are due to allergies.

Dr. Michael Cutler

The subtle impact of allergies

If you’re like me, you love the foods you love—even if they give you a stomach ache later. But what if I told you these very foods could lead to chronic illness instead of just momentary discomfort? Would you keep right on eating them or would you stop?