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Joyce Hollman

The best healthy ‘comfort food’ for difficult times

It’s April, and spring is in the air, but in New England it can still feel like winter. That’s just one reason that comfort food has been on my mind…The other is that the world is a little haywire right now. Agreed? Join me in a bowl of the perfect comfort food…

Joyce Hollman

12 healthy holiday baking substitutions

Here are a dozen easy recipe substitutions that will not only let you enjoy delicious baked goods without the guilt, but will also make a once-sinful treat into a nutritional delight!

Joyce Hollman

5 smoothie recipes to fuel a disease-free body

Here are five “go-to” smoothies that I’ve tried and enjoyed, in no particular order. They all contain a wealth of fruits and veggies and are geared to boosting nutrients that science says helps decrease your risk of a host of diseases…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Pumpkin Spice Butter

Pumpkin spice is everywhere… But if you’re getting your pumpkin spice fix in the form of flavored creamers, lattes and baked goods, you’re filling up on mega-calories, trans-fats and carbs galore. Well, I’ve got a simple hack you can use to enjoy pumpkin spice on the foods you’d normally eat…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Fresh fruit ‘any-occasion’ cake

How would you like to have your cake and eat it too — to your hearts content? Well, I’ve got the cake for you! You can eat as much as you like and feel 98% guilt-free… That’s because this cake is made with fresh fruit…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen: Cancer-fighting cherry lime rooibos tea cooler

When I read about rooibos tea, I had no idea it would become my new favorite tea. This tea has a natural sweetness and isn’t bitter at all. And its health benefits? Let’s just say it certainly gives green tea a run for the money…


Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Best Mother’s Day fancy chicken salad

Do you like your chicken salad plain or fancy? By fancy, I mean with grapes and walnuts? Recently though, I discovered a way to cut down on the prep time and it actually gained me more compliments on my fancy chicken salad…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Avocado toast and eggs over-easy

Now that we can breathe a sigh of relief about eating eggs without fear of falling over dead with cholesterol, I present you with my absolute favorite brunch recipe. This is the stuff Saturday and Sunday mornings were made for…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Veggie stir-fry with cauliflower rice

Making “rice” out of cauliflower cuts down on calories in an enormous way. Cauliflower rice has 25 calories per cup, whereas a cup of cooked brown rice has 218. And the carb difference is just as mind-boggling. That makes this totally veggie dish too good for you on so many levels…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Grapes and walnuts with creamy lemon sauce

The older I get, it seems, the more I crave dessert. Fortunately I’m aware of this growing craving, so I’m careful not to overdo it and to choose my sweet treats wisely. And that’s how this deliciously healthy gem came about…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Personal portobello pizzas

Can pizza be healthy? Of course it can. Instead of piling on loads of disease-producing processed meats, like pepperoni and sausage, you can pile on the veggies. You can even toss out the traditional pizza crust for something miraculous…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Overnight breakfast chia pudding

Chia seeds are a tiny superfood, but a very big deal. It can help you lower your inflammation, blood pressure and heart attack and stroke risk. It’s also a potent antioxidant. And when it comes to eating it, there are lots of tasty ways…