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Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Personal portobello pizzas

Can pizza be healthy? Of course it can. Instead of piling on loads of disease-producing processed meats, like pepperoni and sausage, you can pile on the veggies. You can even toss out the traditional pizza crust for something miraculous…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Overnight breakfast chia pudding

Chia seeds are a tiny superfood, but a very big deal. It can help you lower your inflammation, blood pressure and heart attack and stroke risk. It’s also a potent antioxidant. And when it comes to eating it, there are lots of tasty ways…

Kelley Martin

5 recipes to help you sleep

It looks like a lot of my readers, like a lot of other people, have trouble sleeping. So I decided to make this post all about recipes that may help you sleep better naturally. Let’s start with another popular recipe post…

Kelley Martin

In the Kitchen with Kelley: Quinoa stuffed bell peppers

My mom was not the best cook, but she tried. The few dishes that she did cook were quite good. One of my favorites was stuffed bell peppers. My take on the recipe uses a substitute that’s a veritable vitamin powerhouse.

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kelley: Sleepy time, pain-relieving smoothie

Instead of giving-in to a snack craving before bedtime, you could reach for a tasty smoothie made specifically with ingredients to help you get more sleep, less pain and better health down the road.

Kelley Martin

New Year’s Day turnip green soup

In the south, food is closely tied to many of our celebrations and traditions. One I’m especially fond of is the tradition of eating greens and black-eyed peas (with cornbread, of course) on New Year’s day. Why? Well, there are two sayings that sum this tradition up perfectly…


Kelley Martin

In the kitchen with Kellye: Black garlic mac and cheese

When garlic undergoes a type of heated fermentation process, the most noticeable change is its color. But it also does some quite amazing things to its flavor and health properties.

Kelley Martin

In the Kitchen: Secret gluten-free pie crust

Whether you have a problem with gluten yourself or just want to be the “hostest with the mostest,” this gluten-free pie crust is a perfect fit for just about anyone (no one will taste the difference).

Kelley Martin

6 surprising uses for leftover cranberry sauce

I know I’m not in the majority, but I love cranberry sauce. For some, it’s just a side dish they can take or leave. But there’s so much more cranberry sauce can do than be your go-to relish during the holidays. So if you’ve got leftover cranberry sauce and need some ideas, have a look…

Kelley Martin

In the kitchen: Cheesy mashed potato poofs

This recipe turns your leftover potatoes into great breakfast or brunch bites, and is customizable. Have some leftover turkey? Use it instead of ham or bacon.

Dr. Mark Wiley

Kick up your smoothie with super add-ins

It’s so important to start each day with the right mix of nutrients. You don’t need a heavy breakfast or even all the food groups, as long as your ‘meal’ is nutrient-dense. That’s easy to do with smoothies and shakes…

Kelley Martin

In the Kitchen with Kelley: Wild rice, almond and mushroom stuffing

Bucking tradition doesn’t always go over well, but this is one trade up where you get so much more: Firstly, you’re not sacrificing taste. You’ll have to try it yourself to see, but take it from a former bread stuffing addict — this is better. And secondly, you get a huge nutrition boost…