The one nutrient that could keep generations free from Alzheimer’s

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could eat a certain nutrient right now and know that it would not only reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, but the risk of your children and your children’s children?

Well, that may be the case.

There’s an essential nutrient that seems to have a multigenerational impact on Alzheimer’s…which means it has the potential to squash rising Alzheimer’s rates in a serious way.

Of course, this nutrient would only have the intended effect on your kids’ and grandkids’ Alzheimer’s risk if you ate plenty of it before procreating.

But even if you’re already a parent or a grandparent, you can pass this information along to those who are still in the process of becoming parents. And maybe it will play a small (or big) role in keeping future generations of your family Alzheimer’s-free…

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Choline keeps future generations safe

A new study shows that the nutrient choline has an amazing effect on mice with Alzheimer’s-like symptoms…

Mice who were bred to develop the mousy version of Alzheimer’s disease saw serious improvements in their cognitive health and memory when they were fed a diet high in choline.

But that’s not all…

Their offspring experienced the same benefits, even though they received no choline themselves. Why?

Well, it’s easy to figure out why choline has a positive effect on brain health… it reduces levels of homocysteine in the brain.

Homocysteine is a neurotoxic amino acid, and people with elevated homocysteine levels have double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. So, it’s no wonder that a nutrient known for lowering homocysteine levels can counteract the brain’s descent into Alzheimer’s disease.

Choline also lowers the number of microglia activated in the brain. These cells clear away brain debris, which sounds like a good thing. But in the case of Alzheimer’s, they can become overactivated and trigger brain inflammation that kills brain cells.

Capitalizing on choline’s brain benefits

Now, if you’ve ever been pregnant, you may have been advised to take a choline supplement. That’s because choline plays a critical role in brain development. Hopefully, you followed this advice. If you did, you probably set your kids up for better brain health in the future.

But even if you’re well past your birthing years or you’re not planning on having children, choline can help keep your brain healthy in the future. So, make sure to get enough.

Research shows that most Americans get less choline than they need. Adult men are supposed to get 550 mg per day and adult women are supposed to get 425 mg per day. But on average, men are only getting 402 mg and women are only getting 271 mg. Yikes!

Now, you can turn to supplements to up your choline intake or you can turn to choline-rich foods. Here are 23 foods that help you capitalize on the brain benefits of choline:

  1. 3 ounces of beef liver (356 mg)
  2. A hardboiled egg (147 mg)
  3. 3 ounces of beef top round (117 mg)
  4. ½ cup of roasted soybeans (107 mg)
  5. 3 ounces of chicken breast (72 mg)
  6. 3 ounces of ground beef (72 mg)
  7. 3 ounces of Atlantic cod (71 mg)
  8. ½ cup shiitake mushrooms (58 mg)
  9. 1 large baked red potato (57 mg)
  10. 1 ounce of toasted wheat germ (51 mg)
  11. ½ cup of kidney beans (45 mg)
  12. 1 cup of cooked quinoa (43 mg)
  13. 1 cup of milk (43 mg)
  14. 1 cup of yogurt (38 mg)
  15. ½ cup boiled Brussel sprouts (32 mg)
  16. ½ cup boiled broccoli (31 mg)
  17. 1 cup cottage cheese (26 mg)
  18. 3 ounces canned, white tuna (25 mg)
  19. ¼ cup dry roasted peanuts (24 mg)
  20. ½ cup boiled cauliflower (24 mg)
  21. ½ cup boiled peas (24 mg)
  22. 1 cup cooked brown rice (19 mg)
  23. ¼ cup oil roasted sunflower seeds (19 mg)

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