Circulation secret stops stroke and Alzheimer’s

The way doctors and the media use fancy medical language these days can give you a headache. Who wants to read about “vascular compliance” anyway?

Well, what if you were to discover that vascular compliance is the key to stopping Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and stroke? Makes it much more interesting.

So, what is “vascular compliance” exactly? It’s a measure of how stiff or flexible arteries are.

In the brain, this is essential for preventing Alzheimer’s and stroke because blood flow to the brain is key for brain health.

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A team at UCLA medical center has found a way to non-invasively measure vascular compliance. They took a group of people and measured once during the systolic phase of the heartbeat, when the heart was pumping the blood into the brain, and again at the diastolic phase when the heart was relaxing.

They compared stiffness measurements in both young and elderly people. Their study found that as we age we have increased arterial stiffness.

They also discovered that artery stiffness in the brain correlates with the stiffness of the largest artery of the human body, the aorta.

Essentially, circulation is life. You should do everything you can to support a healthy circulatory system to prevent Alzheimer’s and other deadly diseases.

Anti-inflammatory foods can help, because inflammation can narrow blood vessels and worsen their function. For example research at Oregon Health & Science University finds that tart cherries have the “highest anti-inflammatory content of any food.”

There are many herbs that can also increase healthy circulation. One of the best is the hawthorn berry. It’s best known for lowering blood pressure, and increasing circulation is the reason why.

One practice you can incorporate into your life that can greatly increase vascular compliance and protect you against Alzheimer’s disease is meditation, or mind-body practice. This is proven in many studies to increase circulation to the brain and heart, relieve stress, help reduce blood pressure, and lower inflammation.

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