This food goes nuts on colon cancer

The evidence continues to pile up in favor of eating one particular food to fight colon cancer…

Studies have already shown that this food heals your gut, slows the inflammation linked to colon tumor growth and reduces your overall colon cancer risk.

And now it seems that eating this food can substantially reduce the risk of relapse for people who’ve had colon cancer, too.

So, what is this amazing food that keeps your colon healthy and cancer-free?

Don’t worry — it’s nothing crazy. But it is a little nutty…

Tree nuts help keep cancer away from your colon

Researchers from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston recently found that eating certain tree nuts reduces the risk of relapse and death in people who’ve had colon cancer.

In their study, researchers monitored the health of 826 people who’d received treatment (most often surgery and chemo) for stage III colon cancer.

Now, since study participants’ cancer hadn’t spread beyond the colon, they all had a 70 percent chance of surviving three years after treatment. But people who ate nuts had even greater odds of not only surviving but staying cancer-free…

More specifically, people who ate at least two ounces of tree nuts like almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews per week had a 46 percent lower risk of cancer recurrence and 53 percent lower chance of death than those who didn’t.

So, what’s the lesson here?

Well, whatever colon cancer treatment you choose, you should always compliment it with a healthy, nut-filled diet…

“Patients with advanced disease who benefit from chemotherapy frequently ask what else they can do to reduce their chances of recurrence or death, and our study is an important contribution to the idea that modifying diet and physical activity can be beneficial,” said lead study author Temidayo Fadelu, a clinical fellow in medicine at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Nuts and other colon cancer-protective foods

So, whether you’re looking to prevent a recurrence of colon cancer or keep yourself from getting it in the first place, you should keep a healthy supply of tree nuts stocked in your kitchen at all times.

Of course, nuts are just one food that can reduce colon cancer risk. There are plenty of others…

In fact, a recent study showed that people who followed a Mediterranean diet and exercised reduced their risk of premature death by 42 percent and also reduced their risk of a colon cancer relapse. Now, the Mediterranean diet includes a lot of nuts. But it also includes a bunch of other healthy foods that could be responsible for this cancer-fighting effect like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and herbs and spices.

In the end, whether you eat a lot of tree nuts on their own or as a part of a healthy Mediterranean diet, you’re taking a major bite out of your colon cancer risk. And, since you can never eat too many cancer-fighting foods, you may want to try these other foods that knock out colon cancer risk too.

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