Do you know the sweet potato weight loss secret?

Of all the foods that fill your plate during the holiday season, sweet potatoes are probably the best for you…

Did you know, for example, that a medium-sized sweet potato gives you over 400 percent of your daily vitamin A? Sweet potatoes also give you a healthy dose of:

But if you’re planning on preparing sweet potatoes for the holidays or any time after, there’s something else you should know: if you boil them instead of baking them (which you may want to do from now on) — they release a peptide that could lower your cholesterol and…

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Help you lose weight!

Researchers from the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization in Japan found that mice who ate this sweet potato peptide lost weight even when they were overindulging in fatty foods — like we often do during the holidays.

But that’s not all. Mice who were fed the sweet potato peptide also had:

Researchers believe sweet potato peptide is beneficial to your waistline and your health because it helps your body digest fat more efficiently and suppresses your appetite (both of which are useful during the holidays when tempting treats are around every corner).

So next time you boil a batch of sweet potatoes, make sure you save the water — because drinking the water the potatoes were boiled in is the best way to get those super slimming peptides.

If you’re not picky about taste, you can wait for it to cool down and sip it plain. Just think of it as a cheap and natural weight-loss drink.

Of course, a more palatable option would be to put it in a storage container in the fridge and use it in smoothies, for soups and sauces, to cook rice in, or for any other recipe you can think of. But whatever you do, make sure you use your slimming sweet potato water within a few days because those valuable nutrients won’t last. And most importantly, make sure you buy organic sweet potatoes, so you don’t end up drinking a cup full of pesticide residue.

Just give the skins a good wash and dice them up a bit before boiling. for tips on making mashed sweet potatoes, check out this recipe.

Oh, and for an extra metabolism fat-burning boost, you’ll want to add this spice!

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