7 keys to keep your brain working better

Keep your brain healthy

As you get older, your brain ages with the rest of the body. If you want to keep a better-working brain, an extensive study from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) outlines seven steps you can take to keep your wits about you as you grow older.

As the IOM notes, everybody’s brain ages differently. Some people’s thinking and memory hardly change at all. Others encounter problems making decisions, solving problems, learning new skills and processing information.

“Changes in mental functions and capabilities are a part of aging and occur with everyone,” says researcher Dan G. Blazer, who is with the Duke University Medical Center. “The extent and nature of these changes vary widely and are gradual, and aging can have both positive and negative effects on cognition. Wisdom and knowledge can increase with age, while memory and attention can decline.”

The committee’s findings focus on seven things you can do to keep your brain working better as you age:

Lifting weights
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By Carl Lowe

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