6 Anti-aging superfoods that will make you feel younger

Fighting against the ceaseless march of time becomes more expensive with every passing day. Between health supplements, beauty creams, exercise routines and miracle gadgets that promise to take your body back by decades at a time you’re lucky to come out of the experience with more than a few dollars to your name.

Worse yet, going into an anti-aging routine without a solid base of healthy eating to build off of means many of those treatments just aren’t as effective as they could be, but there are plenty of superfoods you could be adding into your diet to help keep you looking younger without massive expenses.

Take into account just how important a factor your diet can be when it comes to how old you look. Stuffing yourself full of foods with added sugars and bad fats can be almost as destructive as spending most of your waking hours sedentary on the couch.

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If you want to build a good health foods foundation, try adding a few of these nutrient-packed foods to your daily routine.

1. Tomatoes

Shoring up your diet with tomatoes can add the disease-fighting antioxidant, lycopene to your diet. Antioxidants are an essential nutrient at keeping your cells working smoothly and in proper numbers. Lycopene may also protect your body against damage caused by pesticides and herbicides. Toss your tomato into a leafy green salad to get a real anti-aging nutrient boost without hours of extra prep work!

2. Beets

Sweet, crunchy and fantastic for you are just a few ways to describe beets. Whether you cut them up and toss them into a stir fry or turn them into a smoothie, beets can help promote healthy blood pressure with the added benefit of having super healthy greens, too.

Though a lot of people claim that they taste like dirt, the truth is that beets contain geosmin, an organic compound with a rich earthy flavor. Even so, they are considered a superfood because they also contain a wide range of nutrients, such as magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C and iron. But their claim to fame is helping with the body’s natural production of nitric oxide — the key to this veggies powerful circulation benefits.

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3. Kale

Is there anything kale can’t do? It’s already an easy diet choice thanks to the massive amount of nutrients it carries, including a wild amount of vitamin K that is essential to blood clotting properly and other vital bodily functions.

It can help stave off osteoporosis and heart disease, too, which could just keep you from feeling the pain of joint issues as you age. Put that anti-aging disease prevention to good use and work kale in with a healthy, low-impact exercise routine and your heart will stand an even better chance of staying strong.

4. Fish

Beyond being a healthy source of protein with the added benefit of sustainable farming, fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids help fight the march of time with their status as part of healthy, anti-aging superfoods diet by fighting inflammation in your body and bolstering your heart health. Mix up your fish intake from a variety of sources and you won’t have to keep as close an eye on your mercury intake, either.

5. Yogurt

Few foods are as complex as yogurt for a variety of surprising reasons. For instance, did you know yogurt technically carries life? Healthy bacteria in yogurts works in tandem with the natural bacteria in your stomach to regulate digestion and keep your body running smoothly.

Probiotics could be the key to helping your immune system fight off nasty foreign bodies, but even the dairy and calcium content of yogurt alone is enough to suggest it as a strong foodstuff year-round.

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6. Green Tea

It seems green tea gets top billing on nearly every list of well-kept health secrets and for very good reason. Just like blueberries, tomatoes and other antioxidants, green tea promotes healthy blood flow and fights heart issues on top of its powerful antioxidant properties. Its low level of processing means more of its natural goodness reaches you before being stripped away by harsh chemical treatment and it’s easily one of the healthiest drink options to reach for.

Make sure you steep green tea at lower temperatures than others, as higher water temperatures can harm the catechins that produce the antioxidants you’re after. Try to avoid over-sugaring it, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little honey sweeten things up.


No one food is going to make you feel as if you were decades younger than you actually are, but folding healthy, anti-aging superfoods into your diet is a good first step to pushing back against the march of time. What you can’t make up for in age you just might make up for in feeling healthier, more alert or just all-around nicer thanks to the potent healing properties of the foods we often don’t get enough of.

Keep top of mind, though, when eating to improve your health, to eat more organic produce than not. Else your best efforts can be sabotaged with large doses of chemicals and herbicides.

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