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Craig Cooper

Should we be eating like cavemen?

Let’s not romanticize the cavemen: They lived incredibly difficult, short, arduous lives, and they basically ate anything they could get their grubby hands on — including, as some anthropologists have pointed out, grains of various kinds.

Margaret Cantwell

Can this food lead to lung cancer?

Have you ever wondered why non-smokers get lung cancer. Well, there’s some research that shows it could have a lot to do with diet, carbs and insulin…

Margaret Cantwell

Killer filler-foods your DNA can’t handle

Researchers are onto something they’re referring to as “junk DNA,” and think it may hold the key as to why some of us go on to develop the severe intolerance that triggers an inflammatory reaction. You can’t do much about your DNA, but you can this…

Margaret Cantwell

Drop this veggie from your table

This vegetable maintains one of the highest glycemic index values of any food, and causes your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. In turn, your blood insulin concentrations simultaneously increase. When these two metabolic responses occur repeatedly, you become insulin resistant.

Margaret Cantwell

A sensible guide to treating yourself to holiday treats

Most of the year, I consume very little alcohol or chocolate. And any kind of diet restriction becomes a real challenge during the holidays. But you can stay true to yourself and still enjoy festivities and food…

Margaret Cantwell

Dissecting the “scary” meat announcement

When WHO announced several days ago that processed meats and red meats can cause cancer, many of my friends turned to me and asked, “Margaret, what are you going to eat now?” I have no intention of changing the way I eat — and that includes meat.


Margaret Cantwell

Watch out for this food-borne ‘flu’

One of my friends came to me the other day. She was not feeling well and had lost much of her energy. She had decided to follow a new diet after learning about the success I had in turning my health around when I first converted all those years ago. But I forgot to warn her…

Margaret Cantwell

Don’t blame your tummy — blame that food

If you have chronic health problems that doctors can’t solve — things like digestive issues, various mysterious aches and pains, or skin problems that never quite vanish — you’re likely eating something that is punishing your stomach.

Margaret Cantwell

3 ways to strengthen your gut to fight disease

When it comes to keeping health-destroying toxins out of your body, much depends on the walls of your digestive tract — your first line of defense against many chronic diseases. They are tasked with letting nutrients into the bloodstream while making sure unwanted chemicals and pathogens are eliminated.

Margaret Cantwell

Eat more to beat diabetes forever

I no longer have to worry about blood sugar, insulin problems or the threat of diabetes despite eating as much as I want at all my meals and never counting calories. But none of this is unique to me. It’s what anyone can achieve simply by …

Dr. Terry Wahls

Confused? Experts shed light on powerful nutrition

Dietitians agree that nutrient density — the amount of vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content per calorie consumed — is key to improving health outcomes. Many believe that the best way to get maximal nutrient density is to…

Margaret Cantwell

Avoid these four mistakes to stop obsessing over food

“A little bit of cheating is a good thing if in the long run it behaviorally helps people to stick to the diet in the long run.”