What strawberries do to your body [slideshow]

In this modern world, it’s easy to look to man-made pharmaceuticals to treat all your ailments.

But why do that when there are medicinal miracles hiding in plain sight? Medicinals that can be a game-changer for your health!

Take the humble strawberry as an example. No doubt you love their bold, shiny red color, along with their juicy sweet flavor. So you’ll be happy to learn that you can indulge in them every day if you choose.

Because in terms of your health, the humble strawberry happens to be much more powerful than you might first assume…

Jedha Dening

By Jedha Dening

Jedha Dening is a qualified nutritionist (MNutr), researcher, author, freelance writer, and founder of type 2 diabetic nutrition site Diabetes Meal Plans. Her masters thesis on nutrition and inflammation was published and then presented at a national scientific conference. She has millions of words published in the health industry across various print and online publications. Having been in the field for over 15 years, she’s incredibly passionate about delving into the latest research to share the myths and truths surrounding nutrition and health. She believes when armed with the right knowledge, we’re empowered to make informed choices that can truly make a difference.