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Carolyn Gretton

Ignoring these bathroom symptoms can cut your life short

If you’re a man in your 50s or older, you may have experienced frequent urination and problems emptying your bladder. You may think it’s just a part of aging you have to put up with. But research shows the consequences of ignoring lower urinary tract symptoms can be dire…

Joyce Hollman

Mistletoe: From Christmas tradition to cancer treatment

Hanging mistletoe is a popular holiday tradition. But mistletoe extract has gotten the attention of the medical community as a potent anticancer agent. It’s already shown promise in treatment resistance cancer, so what’s next?

Joyce Hollman

Citrus for lower cholesterol and stroke risk

Want to manage your cholesterol, lower stroke risk and keep a healthy heart? Take a stroll down the produce aisle. A growing number of experts have been examining the connection between citrus fruit and cholesterol, and the evidence is pretty juicy…

Margaret Cantwell

Black cumin seed and diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is considered preventable. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Other conditions can make it harder to reverse, including obesity, hypertension and metabolic syndrome. But there is quite a bit of published research that indicates an ancient seed could help…

Carolyn Gretton

Matcha tea: Nature’s antidepressant in a cup

It’s not uncommon to feel down on occasion. But persistent feelings of sadness that impact daily life could indicate depression. Even with treatment, up to a third feel left out in the cold. With those odds, it’s helpful to know a warm cup of the right tea could help.

Joyce Hollman

Nature’s Ozempic? Berberine’s impact on blood sugar and weight loss

Berberine is a natural plant compound found in the barberry and goldenseal plants that, in study after study, has been shown to improve blood sugar, cholesterol and even weight loss efforts. Here’s all you need to know…


Joyce Hollman

What a doctor with cancer discovered about cannabis

No matter the cancer type, when it comes to treatment, chemo brain, pain and poor sleep are along for the ride. And even though some doctors are supportive of alternatives like CBD, they don’t know what to tell their patients. A doctor with cancer believes her research can…

Margaret Cantwell

Could a resveratrol supplement fight Lyme disease?

Not to sound paranoid, but my biggest concern about being outdoors isn’t snakes, it’s ticks. More than 475,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported each year in the U.S. Though early antibiotic therapy can help, a few plant extracts found to kill the bacteria may hold more promise…

Rick Kaselj

Breaking free from sciatic: Natural remedies to ease the pain

Sciatica is a painful condition caused by the compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body. Treatment sometimes involves surgery, but thankfully, numerous natural remedies can effectively provide relief for this incapacitating condition…

Carolyn Gretton

This ancient Chinese herb could be the next big thing in cancer treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has millennia of evidence backing up its remedies. Which is why when searching for the next cancer breakthrough, researchers have turned to an unusual medicinal herb with a solid reputation for acting against cancer cells…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The plant extract that halts rheumatoid progression

While autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid and Hashimoto’s are on the rise, treatments that work have been few and far between, especially ones where the side effects aren’t worse than the condition itself. But help could be on the way from a medicinal plant aptly named the Thunder God Vine…

Carolyn Gretton

No mumbo jumbo: The mind-body connection built into your brain

The mind-body connection is usually meant as a figurative link between our thoughts and emotions and how that impacts our physical well-being, even specific health conditions. But scientists are suggesting the mind-body connection is more literal than previously thought…