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Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Study finds exercise has ‘mind-blowing’ effect on genetic cancer risk

Study after study has already proven exercise to be one of the most valuable weapons in the battle against cancer. But what about people who are genetically predisposed and carry much greater odds? To quote one researcher, it was mind-blowing…

Joyce Hollman

How a fat-burning hormone could keep Alzheimer’s away

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease for which there still isn’t an effective treatment. Experts say the newest drugs carry risks far higher than any noticeable benefit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another way to slow Alzheimer’s, one much less likely to cause a brain bleed that may already be supporting your health?

Carolyn Gretton

How fitness influences Afib and stroke risk

The most dangerous outcome of atrial fibrillation is stroke. People with this heart rhythm disorder have five times the stroke risk of their peers. How can you avoid being one of the 40 million worldwide with Afib? Research says a low level of fitness should do the trick…

Carolyn Gretton

How your smartwatch or fitness tracker can make you sick

These days, a lot of folks are wearing smartwatches and fitness trackers to get healthy. These electronics monitor heart rate and blood pressure or help us meet step goals. But, surprisingly, there’s a dark side about them that can actually make you sick…

Joyce Hollman

10 NEAT ways to burn calories without trying

What makes the difference between putting weight on and keeping it off? It’s already part of your daily routine, so why not put it to work? Here’s why it works, how to add more to your life, and the internal Apple Watch that tries to keep you moving and losing…

Joyce Hollman

A bodybuilding supplement may halt Alzheimer’s progression

Exercise is great for the brain. And if your exercise game includes bodybuilding, you may have an edge over the rest of us: halting the progression of Alzheimer’s. But if weight training is off the table for you, there’s an easier way…


Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

The amazing effects of stretching for better blood pressure

We’ve all heard about the benefits of exercise for lowering blood pressure. Simply walking on a regular basis promotes pliable blood vessels and arteries which in turn supports blood flow. But would you believe there may be an even easier way?

Carolyn Gretton

How to keep insulin from shrinking your brain

When you don’t have blood sugar problems, most of us don’t give our insulin levels a seond thought. But research has found that as we age, what’s happening in the brain can differ from what’s going on in the body…

Joyce Hollman

VILPA: Your ticket to low cancer risk when you hate exercise

Move over HIT, here comes VILPA, and if you’ve been beating yourself up for not exercising and missing out on benefits like a lower risk of cancer, find out how adding a little gusto to every day activities can lessen your risks of developing certain cancers up to 32 percent!

Joyce Hollman

The significant impact 500 steps has on your heart

Hold onto your wallet, because you won’t need an electronic step counter for this: Sure you already know walking is great for the health of your heart. But I bet you thought you’d need a lot more than 500 steps to make an impact like this…

Rick Kaselj

Ageless backs: Maintaining a strong and supple spine after 50

Who says you can’t have good times after 50? With a healthy body and a strong spine, the sky’s the limit. But if yours isn’t as supple and strong as it should be we’ve got age-friendly exercises and supplements to get your vitality back…

Joyce Hollman

More lean muscle may lower Alzheimer’s risk

As we age, our lean muscle mass declines, but that doesn’t mean we’re helpless to stop it. There are many reasons to preserve it. If you need one more, consider what research has found about its connection to Alzheimer’s…