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Margaret Cantwell

I gave up ONE food and my high BP vanished

I still remember the last visit with the doctor I saw for my blood pressure problems. She took my blood pressure and then matter-of-factly told me: “I guess your high blood pressure is gone.” And I was taking exactly zero medication. She didn’t know why, but I did. I had given up…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

The silent liver disease that’s worse on your heart

There’s a one in four chance, unbeknownst to you, you’re living with a common liver condition, and it’s damaging your heart right now. Researchers are so concerned, they say we can’t view the heart and the liver as completely separate functioning organs any longer…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How well are you aging? Your nose knows

Frailty increases risks for infection, disability and hospitalization. This makes preventing frailty a vital part of healthy aging. You may still be active, but there’s an easy way to know if frailty is sneaking up on you, in time to do something about it…

Joyce Hollman

Less salt, more bananas could save your memory

Cognitive decline can lead to dementia, and dementia is irreversible. But if you keep your intake of sodium low and your potassium intake high enough to support blood flow through the brain you might just avoid it…

Carolyn Gretton

When coffee and hypertension are a dangerous mix

Loads of research says coffee is protective against heart failure, heart attack and stroke. But depending on your blood pressure range, it could be a dangerous mix and do just the opposite. That’s why it’s important to know how much is too much…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The vitamin duo that beats depression and anxiety: K2 + D3

If you’re living with depression and anxiety, don’t suffer in silence or from the unwanted side effects of prescription antidepressants. Two vitamins have been shown to boost a depressed mood and relieve anxiety — especially when combined. Get your groove back, naturally…


Carolyn Gretton

How scrubbing the toilet with gusto can help you live longer

Exercise is such a powerful tool, but we’re still not doing it. So researchers are working on creative ways to make it easier without sacrificing benefits. They may have hit upon the perfect formula: increasing the intensity of everyday activities a minute at a time, with huge results…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

What your tongue can tell you about your heart

If you’re worried about your heart, look in the mirror and say “ah!” Not because it’s time to relax. But because the tongues of people with heart failure look totally different from those of healthy people. Here’s what to look for…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

What the number of pushups a man can do reveals about his health

Who wouldn’t like to have a crystal ball that could predict your health over the next decade? That way, you’d know exactly what areas need improving. Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health may have found the next best thing — pushups.

Joyce Hollman

Is a ‘silent’ food allergy attacking your brain?

Food allergies can be uncomfortable and even life-threatening. But is it possible to have a food allergy and not know? Here’s evidence silent food allergies can cause problematic changes in the brain you might chalk up to something else…

Joyce Hollman

How exercise works like a roadblock to prostate cancer progression

Prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer in American men. Previous research has shown an exercise program could release chemicals that control the growth of prostate cancer. Now the news is even better…

Carolyn Gretton

The activity that slashes diabetes risk 44 percent

Blood sugar problems that lead to diabetes are most common around the age of 45. That spells big trouble, including an increased risk of heart disease, nerve damage and even sexual problems. Lifestyle changes can improve things, but this one gets powerful results…