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Virginia Tims-Lawson

Weed killer now linked to rise in liver disease

You’ve probably heard about the lawsuits over Roundup causing cancer. Its nasty reputation is finally catching up to it… Could you have been exposed? The answer is most certainly, yes. Here’s what you need to know about past exposure and protecting yourself from the newest glyphosate danger… liver disease.

Joyce Hollman

10 best foods to protect your hard-working liver

Without a fully functioning and healthy liver, you could take all the vitamins and supplements in the world, but they wouldn’t do any good. So, pay special attention to eating these ten foods that nourish this crucial organ.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Why the liver makes it hard to lose body fat

Your liver is nature’s perfect detoxifier when it’s working on all cylinders. But if you find that you’re having a really hard time losing weight, look at your liver before tackling the fat. It’s just one indication that your liver isn’t working like it’s supposed to.

Joyce Hollman

Pack this toxic holiday ‘décor’ away for good

Over the holidays, chances are, you served up a little egg nog, wine or good old iced tea in some decorative holiday glasses or mugs. They may be festive, but when you take down the tree and pack up the ornaments, you may want to box up those glasses for good…

Joyce Hollman

8+ ways to relieve your liver’s detox load

Your liver performs over 400 jobs. It regulates glucose and iron for energy. It produces hormones that make proteins. It regulates blood clotting. Oh, and it single-handedly gets rid of the poisons in your body. Your liver is a super-organ, but it can’t do it alone. Like most heroes, it needs some backup…

Easy Health Options Staff

Cleanse your liver by eating more?

Your body has some pretty sophisticated ways to help you adapt to where you live, how you live and what you have available to eat. But what happens when changes happen too fast? Our bodies can’t adapt to the pace of changes to our food and environment.


Carl Lowe

The snacks that smack your liver around

Can your liver survive the snacks you munch on? Dutch research shows that if you snack on the wrong foods, you both damage your liver and expand your waistline.

Carl Lowe

The drink that saves your liver

Drinking alcohol can ruin your liver. But research into cirrhosis of the liver finds that there’s one other drink that may be able to save you from a death linked to cirrhosis of the liver.

Carl Lowe

Worse For Your Health Than Smoking Cigarettes

When scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., compared the dangers of cigarette smoking with the toxic effects of secondhand smoke, they found that in some circumstances secondhand smoke can hurt your health more than directly smoking a cigarette.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

The toxin that threatens your health

No matter what else you do to protect your health, keeping your body free of toxins should be a top priority. Learn how to lower your risk of toxin exposure and take steps to cleanse your body.

Dr. Michael Cutler

You can’t live without a healthy liver

Your liver is hard at work around the clock eliminating toxins that threaten your health. If you want to avoid cancer, heart disease and other chronic illness, look to liver health as your first line of defense.

Easy Health Options Staff

More Life In Your Liver: Less Weight Around Your Middle

Together with the pancreas and the digestive system, your liver is key to detoxification and normal healthy metabolism to keep you from unwanted weight gain. When liver function wavers, toxins and body fat quickly accumulate, seriously hampering health.


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