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Hearing Loss

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Joyce Hollman

Tired of tinnitus? There’s an app that could help

For years, the best options for dealing with tinnitus have been antidepressants to help with sleep, treating any underlying causes like high blood pressure or changing medications that could be the problem. But an exciting new therapy you can do at home has been successful…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

4 supplements to prevent hearing loss

Losing your hearing doesn’t just make you feel old before your time, it can take away your independence and risk your safety. If you’re starting to notice your hearing diminishing and your saying, “What?” more often, making your friends and family repeat themselves, try these…

Jenny Smiechowski

Tame tinnitus in 1 minute with this simple trick

If you’ve ever had a stubborn case of tinnitus, you know just how unbearable it can be. Constant ringing, buzzing, clicking or hissing in the ears is enough to bring anyone to a breaking point. Have you tried this?

Jenny Smiechowski

5 natural hearing loss remedies you’ll want to hear about

Think you have perfect hearing? Think again. Even if you don’t have any noticeable symptoms of hearing damage, chances are life has taken a toll on your hearing, but you can stop the damage…

Carl Lowe

Drink the beverages that boost your hearing

Experts estimate that one of four older Americans suffers tinnitus, a distressing ringing in the ears that can disrupt your life. But a study shows that certain drinks can reduce the risk of this painful distraction.

Carl Lowe

Better Hearing Without A Hearing Aid

Our noisy, stressful environment can hurt your hearing. But if you want to improve your hearing, researchers have found a do-it-yourself trick that can help.


Carl Lowe

How To Use Your Feet To Keep From Going Deaf

If you think you just hear with your ears, researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston have some news they want you to hear: Activities you do with your feet can lower your risk of deafness. So start walking!

Carl Lowe

Improve Your Hearing With These Four Nutrients

Many people have trouble hearing as they get older. But researchers think certain nutrients may help protect your ability to hear.

Carl Lowe

Pain relief pills can impair your hearing

If you frequently use pain pills for chronic pain, you may be endangering your hearing. Research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that some pain relief medications increase your risk of hearing loss.

Carl Lowe

Your Right Hand Hears Quick Talkers Better Than Your Left

If you have trouble picking out what people say when they talk quickly, flexing your right hand might help. A study at the Georgetown University Medical Center shows that doing something with the right hand, which is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, seems to improve the brain’s ability to distinguish and understand certain types of speech.

Carl Lowe

Turn Down The Volume To Lift Your Health

Medical research has uncovered a danger to your health that can increase blood pressure, boost the chance of a heart attack or stroke, cause tumors, result in insomnia, impair work performance, raise your stress level and lead to hearing loss. The menace: The volume control on your iPod or MP3 player as well as the traffic outside your window. Our noisy world is threatening our well-being in frightening ways.

Easy Health Options Staff

Folic Acid May Save Your Hearing

A study of more than 50,000 men found that those over the age of 60 who have a larger intake of foods and supplements high in folate have a 20 percent lower risk of developing hearing loss.