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Tracey G. Ingram, AuD

The symptoms COVID-19 Long Haulers can’t get rid of

As more information has become available, scientists realize Covid is a multi-system disease that can potentially affect any organ. And the impact of that can linger for weeks and months. Here’s what you should know about the long haul symptoms…

Carolyn Gretton

COVID-19 vaccines and allergies: What you need to know

As the COVID-19 vaccines become available, there are questions about its safety, especially for people with certain allergies. After all there are people who can’t take the flu vaccine. So, allergy experts are taking a close look at this issue and, along with the CDC, have information that can help you know what to expect. […]

Carolyn Gretton

Does COVID-19 really cause complications? A study confirms it

As we enter the winter months, COVID-19 infections are skyrocketing, and a lot of people are experiencing complications they’re attributing to the virus. However, much of the evidence of complications has so far been anecdotal. This has led researchers to broaden their studies to formally nail down exactly which complications can be blamed on COVID-19… […]

Joyce Hollman

Health and science experts plead: Increase vitamin D during the pandemic

We’ve long known vitamin D supports a healthy immune system. Now it’s apparent it provides significant defense against SARS-Cov-2, the virus behind COVID-19. That’s why more than 120 medical experts have signed an open letter to the world’s governments, calling for an “immediate widespread increase” of the vitamin that could slow, possibly end, the pandemic.

Carolyn Gretton

Common diabetes medicine may cause dangerous complications with COVID-19

COVID-19 can be especially dangerous in patients with diabetes, causing severe and potentially life-threatening complications. It’s important for people with diabetes who get COVID-19 to continue to manage their condition through the illness, but there’s one medicine that, according to researchers, may do much more harm than good. If you take it, check with your […]

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

How a common heavy metal can make pneumonia, flu and COVID-19 more severe

Since the pandemic began, we’ve been asking questions: Who will it strike? Why do some people suffer a severe case or loss of life? And most urgently, how can we stay healthy? Now, we learn that a heavy metal we’re commonly exposed to could cause not just COVID, but pneumonia and flu infection to escalate… […]


Carolyn Gretton

A cheap and effective way to disinfect coronavirus

As the pandemic continues, we’re still looking for safe, effective solutions to disinfect SARS-CoV-2 from our persons, homes and businesses. Now, a team of researchers in Israel may have found a solution that’s both effective and less expensive — using light — that may make it possible to feel safer in places we’ve been avoiding […]

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

12 immune-boosting foods to help guard against mutant COVID

Just when we thought we could see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, a mutant strain of coronavirus arrived. No one knows a lot about it, except that it seems to spread faster and easier. If you haven’t made it a priority to ramp up your immune system, there’s still time… […]

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Training your nose to smell again after COVID-19

A very weird and common symptom of COVID-19 is the loss of smell. Between 74 and 81 percent of patients with a mild to moderate infection experience this phenomenon. And some get parosmia, where their sense of smell is distorted, making lemons smell like cabbage. But you can train your sense of smell back to normal.

Joyce Hollman

Chemicals in green tea could help deactivate the coronavirus

Researchers are constantly looking for ways to weaken and block the action of the coronavirus. And that would certainly prove useful right now. So, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that one of the foods we already count on for its multiple health benefits may be part of the answer to conquering this pandemic. […]

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Good news if you’re running low on alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve been told to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. But shelves that once were full of the germ-killing goo have gone bare. That’s ok, because research is finally catching up with what works and what doesn’t against the virus. And that applies not just to treatment but hand sanitizer too. […]

Carolyn Gretton

How antioxidants may reduce vulnerability to COVID-19

As COVID-19 spreads, scientists are unraveling the complexities of the disease and the virus behind it. One thing they’ve discovered is a particular mechanism that could explain why there are those among us, like the elderly and people with chronic disease, who are more vulnerable to infection, as well as provide clues to help them. […]