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5 Reasons Men Need Zinc

Chances are you haven’t given much thought to how much zinc is in your diet. But you should. This crucial mineral is vital for good health, especially for men’s health. Zinc supports the prostate, is a key to sexual wellness, contributes to stronger bones and plays a starring role in immunity. Learn how zinc can keep you feeling at your peak no matter what your physiological mileage.

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Can zinc really help protect you from COVID-19?

Around the time COVID-19 started gaining traction in the U.S., an email from pathologist James Robb went viral. One of the first molecular virologists in the world to work on coronaviruses, he recommended zinc lozenges in that email. Here’s what zinc can (and can’t) do for coronaviruses…

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How a zinc ‘burst’ activates the immune system

Scientists have long known that people whose zinc levels are too low have few to no infection-fighting T-cells. And their thymus, an immune system organ that generates those T-cells, starts to shrink. When corrected, their thymuses grow and start generating T-cells again. But activation needs a burst…

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Zinc link to diabetes may lead to new therapies

Increasing zinc intake improves blood glucose control in people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. And now that research has clarified this link, a potential new therapy target may do that and more, including reducing the fatty liver disease that tags along with blood sugar trouble…

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Your best defense against pneumonia this cold and flu season

It’s that time of year again. Over 900,000 Americans get pneumonia every year, usually following a cold or flu bug. And it looks like a lot of those cases could be avoided. In fact, researchers have recently found just how important this one element is in your diet for fighting off pneumonia-causing bacteria…